The CT600 is an all glass display cabinet featuring a locking hinged door for easy access to products. Additional options include a locking pull out deck. The deck can be a mirrored or solid surface. This style of lockable glass cabinet is frequently found atop cashier counters in a retail setting. It is prized for its alluring glass panels and security. 

    Standard Features

  • Delivered fully assembled

  • Frameless glass area

  • Tempered glass

  • Locking hinged door


  • Locking pullout deck 

  • Mirrored deck


  • Width: 14"

  • Depth: 14"

  • Total height: 14.25"

  • Glass height: 13.5"

  • Base: .75"

  • Product weight: 

  • Est. crated weight: 

  • Est. crated dims: