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Standard Laminates


















Premium Laminates

High Gloss Black

High Gloss White

Brushed Silver Premium Laminate

Brushed Silver


Premium Wood Veneers

Black Lacquer

Black Painted Veneer


Sienna Cherry Wood Veneer

Sienna Cherry Veneer

Cherry Veneer with Dark Cherry Stain

White Lacquer

White Painted Veneer


Walnut Veneer

Walnut Veneer with Clearcoat 

Oak Wood Veneer

Oak Veneer

Oak Veneer with Clearcoat 



Maple Wood Veneer

Maple Veneer

Maple Veneer with Clearcoat 

Our standard laminates include nine finishes that satisfy most requirements. These laminates are readily in stock for quick and cost-effective production as listed in our price level one. Our premium laminate finishes encompass a group of high-quality laminates, including high-gloss laminates. Some are imported from Italy, others are premium metallic finishes, such as brushed silver and brushed gold aluminum. We can also match existing laminate when provided the specifications and can accommodate choices from a wide variety of manufacturers that we have access to.

There is always going to be a difference in color with every batch of wood and every lot of paint/stain. Due to varying wood grain and type, stain color may differ slightly from any samples provided. There are differences in the wood and grain inherently, in humidity and absorbency that change the consistency of the saturation. There can also be variations in the application of the spray when it is ordered, as each case is handcrafted. Any pieces requested to match should be ordered at the same time to minimize differentiating factors. Variation in grain pattern and color are normal, and should be expected when manufacturing with natural wood. Wood species will exhibit color changes, in all finishes, when exposed to differing light and as a result of the normal aging process of wood. Color variations in wood are caused by a wide range variables. This includes environmental factors, like minerals found in the earth that the tree was grown in, and the differing absorption of these minerals by each species. Every wood species exhibits other characteristics including knots, pinholes, sap runs and darkening with age. These distinct attributes contribute to the natural beauty and personality of the wood. Natural variations in grain texture and color will always be present. Real wood products continuously have variations, as should be expected. Cases sent will be within an industry acceptable range as determined by Tecno Display as the manufacturer. If you are looking to limit variation we recommend using a laminate product.