Your Choices of Jewelry Showcases Doors

June 19, 2019 by
Your Choices of Jewelry Showcases Doors
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Buying jewelry display cases involves a number of choices when it
comes to the kind of doors you want in the top glass display area. You
can opt for sliding doors, drop down doors and doors with pull out
decks. Needless to say that no matter which type you select they need
to be lockable. The jewelry showcases glass doors can be all clear,
mirrored, solid wood. For visual coordination the doors can be
mirrored inside and laminated outside to match the same finish as is
on the cabinetry.
Lockable sliding doors are by far the most popular on quarter vision,
full vision and sit down jewelry showcases. When fully clear whatever
is behind the jewelry showcase is openly visible. With a door mirrored
inside you get a sense of enclosure. The lighting will be more intense
since it will reflect back and forth on the mirror. The back mirror
has also a confusing impact. The reflection and images of the items
inside the glass display area will be multiple. The result is a
display that is too brilliant, crowded and hard to look at. The items
will not seem distinct one from another in such bright and reflective
environment. Since the mirror's back are a pale grey or green and can
be scratched they should be laminated for aesthetic  purposes.This
will be done with a film of plastic laminate matching the cabinet
finish of the jewelry showcase. With sliding glass doors you need to
make sure that wheels and tracks are high quality. Solid wood doors
are attractive and effective in all jewelry showcases. You should
check the quality and thickness of the wood since they have to stay
strong, straight and rigid over time. The wood doors will be stained
the same as the cabinetry. Drop down doors are far less popular on
jewelry showcases. They start to be a thing of the past. Once opened
they get on the way and take too much time to open and close. The
metal brackets holding them need to be maintained regularly which is
time consuming. Doors installed on jewelry showcases pull out decks
are clear tempered glass.The thickness of the glass may vary since
jewelry cases with pull out decks are utilized in high end jewelry
stores. You should make sure that they are strongly mounted to the
edge of the sliding deck. A tight fit of the glass panels is a must
with jewelry cases and slide out decks. A reputable glass jewelry
showcases manufacturer will recommend what is best for your own store
or exhibit area.

Your Choices of Jewelry Showcases Doors
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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