Display Cases and Jewelry Showcases in Cruise Ships

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Display Cases and Jewelry Showcases in Cruise Ships
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Cruise ship companies are offering many vacations packages at all
price ranges. Cruise ships have become just like cities on the ocean.
Passengers expect a well structured vacation where they will be able
to make new friends through a whole variety of entertainment
activities. Since the length of cruises is at least a week shopping is
one of the past time passengers will enjoy. The cruise ships have
become enormous and they are divided in multiples sections with each
their own center of activity. Shopping areas are spread in the
different parts of the liner. Souvenir shops, jewelry stores, gift
outlets are some of the retail businesses that are incorporated in
this whole world. Because of the specific environment they are being
built to fit in all kinds of unusual spaces.Custom display cases are
manufactured for the cruise lines industry exclusively. Many rules and
regulations affect how the jewelry cases have to be designed. Jewelry
showcases and display cases in general need to be custom sized. The
display cases cabinetry should be made using fire retardant wood
products that have been certified by federal agencies. All the display
cases glass panels should be stamped as tempered. The jewelry
showcases locking mechanisms need to be special ordered to meet the
specific requirements of the cruise line company. Some of the spaces
where the display cases are to be installed are hard to access. One
should remember that the configuration of a cruise ship is highly
unconventional. In some instances separate sections of a jewelry
showcase will have to be hand carried through narrow corridors and
staircases. Then the manufacturer will send its own assembly team to
finalize the assembly on the spot. It involves bringing all the
production tools on the ship, a lot of organization, experienced
workers and quite a bit of clean up afterwards. The anchoring of the
display cases to the ground is also highly regulated. One can easily
understand why. Manufacturers will be given ample instructions on how
to manufacture and install the display cases well in advance. A
pamphlet covering all the production and installation process of the
display cases ordered will be given to the manufacturer at the time of
Cruise ships passengers allocate a spending budget for jewelry and
souvenirs well in advance. The cruise line world is a big market for
jewelry. High quality and sturdy jewelry showcases will present a wide
selection at all price ranges to the prospective customers. Jewelry
showcases and display cases in general can be customized in many
different ways to match highly specific circumstances. Cruise lines
companies are always looking for experienced manufacturers able to
help them with their glass showcases projects.
For an established display showcase manufacturer such projects can be
a financially rewarding. When it comes to display cases repetitive
sales customers are hard to find.The cruise line industry is growing
now and constantly looking for new glass showcases concepts.

Display Cases and Jewelry Showcases in Cruise Ships
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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