Free Standing Tower Cases in Truck Stop Shops

June 19, 2019 by
Free Standing Tower Cases in Truck Stop Shops
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Driving along freeways and stopping for gas you will notice large
truck stop shops in the immediate vicinity of the gas station. They
cater to the immediate needs of the travelers and carry a wide variety
of items. It includes a food section, a car accessories and products
area, a gift-ware souvenir section and a whole array of little things
you may have forgotten to take with you when you left home. In order
to organize the gift ware section truck shops operators set up some
free standing tower cases all over the store. The vast majority of
these glass tower showcases are promotional display cases. They are
supplied at no charge by the manufacturers who want their line of
products to be sold there. The free standing tower case is usually
customized and will carry the name of brand on the top canopy. The
logo and collection's name can be silk screened in many different
scripts and colors.A good example are the blown glass figurines
companies. These small collectibles can easily be designed to
represent a theme or image connected with the area where the truck
stop shop is located. Since they are easily breakable a fully enclosed
glass tower showcase is the best way to display them. Pewter
figurines, wood crafted memorabilia, porcelain boxes, custom car
accessories are grouped together each in their own glass tower case
close to the entrance of the shop. Truck stop shops are high traffic
places of business. Most of the customers will stop there only once.
Consequently theft and vandalism are constant issues. Keeping all the
valuable merchandise fully enclosed in lockable glass tower cases is
an effective way to resolve the problem.
Truck stop stores generate a lot of sales twenty four hours a day.
Souvenir and gifts manufacturers are fighting for exposure to maximize
their returns. They can achieve this by trading free promotional tower
showcases for extra floor space. This allows the companies to
categorize their merchandise by themes or sizes, to attract more
traffic to their tower showcase and to generate customers
revenues.Typically companies will start by placing one promotional
showcase in the store and as sales improve they periodically may ad a
few more display cases. Truck stop stores and large gas stations are a
visible element of what we would call the freeway landscape and we
tend to forget about them.

Free Standing Tower Cases in Truck Stop Shops
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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