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OP111 Optical Display Case


Eyeglass display case with eyeglass rods

OP112 Optical Display Case


Sunglasses display showcase with eyeglass rods

OP113 Optical Display Case


Wall eye-wear display case with eyeglass rods

OP114 Optical Display Case


Custom sunglasses display case with eyeglass rods

OP110 Optical Display Case


Floor sunglasses display case with frame holders


Tecno Display has a full line of optical glass display cases specifically designed for the eyewear industry. From dispensing tables to optical wall cases and shadow boxes, our standard optical cases will meet most every need opticians and people in the optical industry will require. Our optical cases are fitted with specialized vertical rods made to place a large number of optical frames. We will also be happy to produce custom optical display cases from a single case to a full store.

Tecno Display is manufacturing a collection of glass modular optical showcases. We offer dispensing tables, top-in-glass pedestals, wall showcases and units in as as well free standing towers. All are pre-assembled glass showcases and are lockable. As Tecno Display is a leading producer of glass towers and wall showcases for all industries, many of Tecno's existing models can be readily supplied to the optical industry. In addition, a whole series of wall-hung shadow boxes and cabinets is now available in various sizes, configurations and finishes. All of them are equipped with metal rods and frame holders. Different sizes of wall shadow boxes will accommodate from a small to a large number of frame holders. Because of the various sizes available, they fit singly or together in most of the wall sections you are planning to fixture. Wall shadow boxes are available open or totally enclosed and supplied with glass sliding doors. and a plunger lock, thus making them totally secure.
The quality of our craftsmanship and our modern manufacturing facility allows us to offer our optical cabinets in many different laminates and finishes, thus complementing the existing look of your store. Storage with shelves in the base cabinets, in as well as adjustable tempered glass shelves and halogen lighting are regular features in our cases.

From a classical look to high tech modern style, Tecno Display is able to supply each and every customer with the glass display showcases and store fixtures they expect. Should you wish a laminated look on your optical glass cases or a solid wood veneer stain with moldings, we will be here to listen and accommodate our needs. Customization of our standard showcases and pedestals is available. We also can quote you rapidly on completely custom cabinets, as per your drawings and specifications. We are rapidly and constantly expanding our series of optical glass showcases and invite you check regularly on our new Optical Display models. Please do call us should you need a single case, a few glass cases or are in the stages of remodeling or opening an new store or practice.

We can also supply all types of cabinets for the optical industry. We can design cabinets with multiple drawers or rows of drawers where you will be able to store your different brands of frames in a safe and organized manner. We are also featuring  some large glass towers with storage base cabinets and center dividers. When placed in the center of your store these display cases will allow you to showcase your best selling frames on each side of the divider. You will be able to use your floor space to the maximum and have your merchandise visible from everywhere. Most of our optical glass display cases can now be equipped with LED lighting. Basically three options of LED lighting are available: top lighting, LED side track lighting and more recently our pole stands LED lights. All are effective as a main source of light in your display cabinets or as additional accent lighting. The LED pole stands are specifically effective in the glass display sections of our pedestals category.

We are also specialized in developing custom made promotional display cases for specific brands. From simple concepts to elaborate designs with multi sections or tiers cases, we will work with manufacturers to come up with the exact promotional tool to reflect and expand your eyewear brand. This includes the building of multiple glass display areas, innovative signage, recessed cabinets, custom sized drawers to fit the frames, pull out trays in as well as dividers. Surfaces can also be textured or finished in many creative ways. Promotional display showcases for the optical industry can be manufactured as small as countertop cases and as large as sizeable wall display units. Video screens in as well as various media instruments can be incorporated. We have over twenty five years of experience in drop shipping your brand showcases and displays to you retailers.