Pedestals and Glass Towers In Art Galleries

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Pedestals and Glass Towers In Art Galleries
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Start writing here...Art galleries are diverse in the kinds of art form they offer to the
public. The traditional art gallery features some classical types of
art such as paintings, lithographs, etchings, silk screening work and
sculptures. Presentation and lighting are most important when it comes
to showcase any art medium. Pedestals are a very effective way to
display metal sculptures. A given pedestal can be made in different
sizes to match the overall look of the sculpture on top of it. The
depth, width, height are all variables. Manufacturers are selling a
wide range of standard sizes under their pedestals category. A custom
size solid pedestal can be made easily and customization is not much
of an added cost. The assembly work on a custom pedestal is absolutely
similar to what it is on a standard pedestal. The cutting of the
pedestals panels does not require all that much time and work than for
a similar standard size. Pedestals can easily be mounted on rollers or
levelers. Depending on the show or exhibit they may be moved to one
area or the other of the gallery. A glass top display area can be
built in on top of the pedestal base cabinet. When displaying high
value and small size sculptures art galleries like to protect them
from any possible damages. While you want the public to see all the
details of the sculpture you do not wish them to lift or touch it. LED
lighting may be installed in the pedestal glass top enclosure. It will
accentuate the brilliance and details of the artwork.Art galleries
pedestals may be square or rectangular. They may be manufactured with
solid wood or laminates over board. Some will have metal bases.
Other art galleries will carry more of a mix. They like to exhibit
terracotta pieces, acrylic and blown glass sculptures, They typically
like to exhibit unusual and intricate metal construction made of
multiple parts.
Free standing glass towers do display acrylic and formed artistic
glass to their best. All is kept clean inside a fully enclosed glass
tower. The frosting and touch of colors on the glass will come out
strongly. Free standing glass towers are available with a top canopy
or a top in glass. When good natural lighting is available galleries
will use more the glass top version. Well positioned glass towers also
create unique centers of attraction within the gallery. Art galleries
glass towers are larger than your average glass display showcase. They
are made of tempered glass with anodized aluminum framing joining and
securing the glass panels. Non reflective glass is strongly
recommended. The glass towers can be installed against a window, close
to a wall and free standing in a dedicated area. The cabinetry is
usually reduced to a minimum and the glass display area ample.The
glass tower role is to protect and highlight how unique the glass or
acrylic sculpture is.
Pedestals and glass towers both are flexible ways to display artwork.
Galleries may choose to use them only some of the time. They can be
moved to different areas of the exhibit space and are easy to
maintain. They are basic display categories that can be customized to
fit one of a kind artwork.

Pedestals and Glass Towers In Art Galleries
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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