Retail Display Cases

Cash Wraps for Retail Stores
August 27, 2020 by
Retail Display Cases
Tecno Display, Jason

Retail display cases are the kinds of display cases people are most familiar with. When you walk into a jewelry store you will be surrounded by retail display cases. These will always be counter height jewelry display cases. In other retail environments you will see tower display cases and trophy display cases. Retail stores use all kinds of display cases even wall-mounted display cases to save space and offer eye level presentation of items for sale. Display cases will continue to play an important role in retail. Some of the major benefits that display cases offer for stores is that valuable items are secure, protected from damage and theft. Other benefits are that products do not get dusty. Maybe the greatest advantage that display cases offer is that they provide a beautiful cadre to surround the objects for sale. Many new finishes are available these days, so you are no longer limited to basic colors. Many laminates are designed with cool wood grains and even resemble distressed woods. These innovations along with ever evolving LED lighting can create a sparkle in your store. LED lights are available in virtually an infinite variety of color temperatures, from reddish orange on the lower end of the spectrum all the way to very cool blue on the upper end of the spectrum. Most people prefer the cooler end of the spectrum, around 5500 Kelvin. However, if you would prefer a warmer color, many display case manufacturers will be happy to customize the color temperature of the lights for you.

A great variety of standard display cases are available on the market. Very often standard models will suite your needs. However, sometimes a slight customization of dimensions will be necessary. But other times you will want a completely custom display case to fulfill your vision. You will want to speak to a reputable display case manufacturing to work them on your custom project. Even if you project is not custom, there are many options to select on standard models. For example, color of finish, laminate or stained veneers, sidelights and pullout decks are some of the many options that can be selected. Retail display cases will certainly be the centerpieces of your retail business so it is a good idea to consider what look and feel you want to project.

Retail Display Cases
Tecno Display, Jason August 27, 2020
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