Display Cases After the Pandemic

Custom Made Glass Display Cases
June 20, 2020 by
Display Cases After the Pandemic
Tecno Display, Jason

The Corona virus and Covid-19 have had an immense effect on the economy and the retail sector specifically. I am guessing that many retail businesses will close for good. However, once this unfortunate world event has passed, lock downs are lifted and the world reopens, businesses large and small will reopen or start anew in order to provide the broad range of products that we are used to having available. Many of the business owners who had to close their businesses may want to open new businesses. Retail will certainly feel an upswing once people feel comfortable going out into public, and government agencies lift their Covid-19 restrictions. Designers will be busy creating layouts for business, people will be hired to service customers, and merchandise will be purchased to stock shelves. After this long hiatus ends, store fixtures will be part of the infrastructure needed by retailers to reopen. Sometimes retailers will need display cases that are not completely standard where slight modifications are needed such as customized dimensions or choice of finishes. Retailers will most likely be in a hurry to receive their display cases because the transition from lock down to businesses reopening will be relatively quick. Domestic American manufacturers of glass display cases are best positioned to service this need since they are able to provide the needed store fixtures quickly and also provide the highest quality product. 

Needing glass displays quickly once Covid-19 has subsided and business is relatively back to normal should not lower your requirement for quality display cases. It is very likely that you will have the display cases you purchase for a very long time. What I would recommend is to start planning for your grand opening or reopening now. Even if you are not sure of the exact date, you should start to learn which products are out there, if you already have a space, measure where you will place display cases, and hand draw a layout of your store. Then you should contact a domestic manufacturer of glass display cases and begin working with them on your desired display cases. They will be happy to talk to you and guide you with your selection of display cases. You can request a quote to nail down all the details of the display cases in question and get pricing. At that point you will have already accomplished a good deal of the leg work. Once you have a good estimate of your reopening date you should place your order so that production of you order can begin. Usually there is a lead time of several weeks, so it is always better to be a little early rather than too late. If you follow these steps you will be in a much better position and be able to open your store on time.

Display Cases After the Pandemic
Tecno Display, Jason June 20, 2020
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