The Manufacturing of Glass Top Pedestals

Museum curators and retail customers do need glass top pedestals in many different sizes and shapes. While manufacturing a rectangular or square glass top pedestal is hardly a challenge the requests for specific large sizes may be. When the width or depth of the glass top exceeds forty inches the weight of the top glass panel becomes an issue. Since the vast majority of the glass top pedestals are made of tempered or laminated glass any top glass panel that is ten square feet and up is heavy. From a manufacturing stand point sufficient support needs to be built in all along the four sides of the wood pedestal base. Needless to say that center support is not an option when considering glass top pedestals. Strong lateral support is accomplished by using high quality and accurately cut glass on the sides. The glass panels should also sit tightly in the bottom cabinet top grooves. Most importantly the structural integrity of an extra large glass top pedestal will be guaranteed by a high standard quality construction and assembly.