The Different Backings Available On Wall Showcases

Wall display showcases are the most widely used category of store fixtures. Gift shops, collectible stores, chain stores, museums, schools and universities find many uses for them. Wall showcases are manufactured in a whole array of cabinet finishes. They may be as narrow as two feet wide and the large wall showcases will extend to six feet wide. A clear glass backing is the standard feature offered by all glass display showcases manufacturers. In the retail industry some store owners will request a full mirror backing on their wall showcase. This is primarily done to provide more reflection of the light within the showcase. It also helps hiding some defects and imperfections on the wall behind the wall showcase. Another option is a solid stained wood backing that will give a more classical feel to any wall display showcase. Museums and institutions are using a solid backing with fabric stretched all over it on their wall units. The purpose is to create a particular décor or to create a given contrast with the artifacts displayed in the wall showcase. Many options are available and should be explored when purchasing a wall showcas