Shadow Boxes in Front Glass Windows

Art galleries, optical stores, home accessory shops will use multiple sizes of shadow boxes against a wall installed at regular intervals. It is now common place to see small shadow boxes hanging in the glass front window. The shadow boxes are suspended with the help of a system of metal cables. All is ultimately attached to the front ceiling of the store. Each shadow box is suspended at a different level and groups of six to twelve of them may be installed together all hung up at different heights. The shadow boxes can be manufactured in wood with a natural stain finish. In order to attract more attention from the walking traffic they may be finished with vivid paint colors. Red, green, yellow are the most popular tones for shadow boxes used in stores front glass window. The cable system used to link each shadow box is sometimes intricate giving the whole display a feeling of magic. In addition the various shadow boxes composing the display may be individually lit. Shadow boxes are an efficient way to present items in a very unique way.