School Bulletin Boards and Shadow Boxes

From hallways to conference rooms, classrooms and receptions areas schools are always in need of fully enclosed wall shadow boxes. Schools procurement agents also call them bulletin boards. This term will only apply if they are only two to three inches deep. School shadow boxes are easy to mount on a wall. They may be produced in metal, pre laminated material or solid wood. Your typical school shadow box has a lockable single hinged door in the front. Should the school shadow box be wider than twenty four inches manufacturers will install instead a couple of lockable sliding doors. Since the goal of a school shadow box is to show and preserve documents and notices they are made sealed and dust resistant. School shadow boxes and bulletin may be manufactured weather and humidity resistant since the maintenance staff may install them in an outside area. Should they contain notices or objects displayed on shelves they should provide full visibility to the public. School shadow boxes guarantee maximum exposure while saving precious space.