Round Tower Showcases in Optical Stores

Retail optical stores have been using for years square and rectangular counter cases to display and differentiate the various brands they are carrying. The very same glass counter cases may be installed in very many areas of the store to drive the traffic from one identifiable brand to the next one. As far as displaying lenses and frames facing the front windows or in the center of the store glass round tower cases prove to be most effective. For one the curved radius of a round tower showcase will systematically catch the eye, attract traffic. Since curved glass towers have a thin bottom and top cabinet the whole center glass display area id pretty much see through. With their multiple shelves the glass round tower cases can display a substantial number of frames and lenses. The curvature of the glass panels is an invitation to walk around the curved tower and look at all its contents. A rounder tower showcase will look very unique by itself in a designated area. Grouped together round showcases will create some kind of maze to walk through.