Rethinking the Cabinet Look of Your Showcases

Until recently showcases cabinetry had a number of predictable
finishes.Black, white, oak, maple, cherry,mahogany were the norm.
Store designers started to look for unique and eye catching laminate
finishes to give a well defined accent to their project. Textured,
bright, creative laminate finishes are more and more common. Their
look is exciting to the eye and peaceful, open at the same time. Some
of the showcases cabinets you see nowadays have some kind of
futuristic look. Showcases and cabinets built for luxury brands are
the perfect illustration of this phenomena. When painted the showcases
cabinetry is both peaceful and stimulating. The color tone is what
matters. When using a surface laminate the creative finish and
texturing will make a difference. Designers are more daring and
simultaneously the public is enjoying all the new cabinets looks.