Recessed Wall Shadow Boxes and Frames

In most instances shadow boxes displays are simply hung or attached to the wall and are located in easily accessible areas. Jewelry stores and art galleries prefer to have their shadow boxes recessed into the walls. In many ways the recessed look is more elegant and gives a more luxurious feel to the space. Jewelers and art gallery owners though are very dependent on the structure of the space where they are located. It is much easier to have the wall shadow boxes recessed in new buildings or where the walls are hollow inside. Any solid wall such as brick etc… will prohibit such an installation. Once the space has been secured to install the recessed wall shadow box proper and adequate ventilation should be built in for safety reasons. Since most often there will be a slight gap between the outside borders of the shadow box and the indent or hole into the wall contractors will build a frame around the box. The frame will hide the gap, allow for adjustments and give a touch of elegance to the whole display.