Pull Out Decks On Glass Jewelry Showcases

Retail jewelry stores are purchasing quarter vision jewelry showcases to create attractive and functional display configurations within their showroom area. Some will choose straight and angled showcases while others will opt for different radii of curved jewelry showcases. From a salesperson point of view accessing the jewelry items inside the glass display area may be done in a few ways. Drop down glass doors were popular during many years. Then lockable glass sliding doors became the norm and still are for most stores. High end retailers do favor pull out decks on their glass jewelry display cases. They give a more luxurious look to their jewelry presentation. The jewelry items are more accessible since pulling out the deck is all it takes to pick up a jewelry item. Additionally the sales person does not have to bend all the way down to reach out for the jewelry and can keep talking to the customer at all times. This definitely is a plus as far as salesmanship is concerned.