Lighting for Glass Display Cases

Glass display cases function are to display items within them. Since the cases are built with glass natural lighting from artificial lighting in the room or natural light from the window will illuminate the contents of the case. In most cases this is not sufficient and the case itself will have it's own lighting within. The two main lighting options are top lights which are built into the top cabinet and sidelights which are attached to the sides of the case. Other possibilities include pole lights which are generally installed in pedestals and jewelry cases. Lighting options offered include halogen and LED. Halogen provides a yellower light and LED a very white light. Top lights are built into the top cabinets and provide a large amount of light. Side lights are used to add additional light and also provide lighting on lower parts of the glass display case where it can become dimmer because shelves and objects on the shelves stop the light from the top lights from illuminating the lower area of the glass display case.