Innovative Uses of Free Standing Display Towers

Most glass display are designed to showcase some common categories of items. They are built to be installed in specific areas such as against a wall or on top of a counter. Free standing display towers are the exception. Manufactured with wheels under the base cabinet they can be easily moved around or elevated on top of a platform for higher visibility. The retail store manager may choose to place his free standing display tower next to the front entrance of the retail space, right next to a front window, against a short angled wall or standing alone in the center of the store. Free standing display towers of similar design may also be grouped together. In this configuration they will be perfect to display different lines of collectibles or jewelry next to each other. Free standing display towers have a way to categorize and individualize the contents inside. Since glass display towers are available in square, rectangular, round and hexagonal shapes they can fit in any space that would be left useless otherwise.