How To Use Your Display Cases To Create Marketing Sections

Spacious retail stores have developed an original visual merchandising
model. They have chosen to sell lines of products that are totally
different but complement themselves. Some groups of products are
highly original, others are handcrafted or unique imports. Presenting
them distinctively within the store requires a well thought display
cases layout. Clearly defined display sections or mini stores are
present within the larger space. A jewelry display cases island is a
perfect way to concentrate the showing of multiple jewelry lines.
Separately large wall display cases may contain housewares, linens
collections. Free standing glass display cases spread evenly in
another section will be fine for gift ware. Local craftsmen works will
show best in glass top pedestals or small rectangular wall display
cases. Toys and trinkets will fit perfectly in regular wood shelving
and on top of wood cubicles. The design of the retail space should
allow for the free flowing of the traffic. Selecting the appropriate
display cases will maximize the use of the space and increase the
sales. Since one purchase here may lead to another there the maximum
visibility of each separate department of the store is a must.