How to Display Your Trophies and Memorabilia

Counter top cases, glass top pedestals, large wall glass display cases are available to display all kinds of collection of trophies. Individual collectors, associations, groups, schools and universities will purchase them to group together their recognition items. What used to be called collectibles cases now falls under the wider category of trophy cases. When considering buying a glass trophy case one should take into account the number and sizes of the items to be displayed now and project as well what they are planning to add up to the group. When needing a vast amount of glass display area wall glass trophy cases are highly recommended. The wall trophy showcases may be as wide as seven feet and as tall as eighty inches. With their multiple fully adjustable shelves they will accommodate most large collections. On the other hand glass top trophy pedestals are best to show a unique large trophy or commemorative piece. Manufacturers are supplying many trophy showcases models for the recognition industry.