Full Vision Wall Display Showcases

Wall display showcases are traditional and consistent in the way they are built. A top canopy, a bottom base, glass panels in the back and sides, two sliding doors in the front and metal framing to join the panels. A new concept of frameless wall display cases has been introduced slowly on the market the last couple of years. The luxury giftware industry and the jewelry trade are starting to use them in their upscale locations. The absence of vertical metal framing typical of the new wall display showcase look allows for the full vision of the products inside. The back panel of the wall showcase is made of extra thick solid wood and a deep groove is made for the back of each tempered glass shelf to fit in. Each shelf is fully inserted in the groove and strong adhesives are utilized to firmly keep it in place. The effect is surprising. It looks like the glass shelves are just suspended in the air within the large wall display showcase.