Free Flowing Curved Modular Island

A large space can support a wide arrangement of free flowing curved modular islands. This will add to your exclusive look and design. Our jewelry islands can be made in various sizes, radii and finishes. When you are planning your space it is an excellent idea to combine sit down cases with full view cases. There are various door types available to enter the space. Lighting is also available for all of our cases. Security is of the utmost importance and therefore locks are installed at your discretion. A jewelry island can be a focal point in your retail environment. Tecno Display offers many options on its Islands & Kiosks, jewelry cases, wall display cases, wood pedestals and shadow boxes such as laminated glass doors, drop down doors, drawers, slide out decks, front face moldings, LED lighting, pencil trays etc that will make your modular locking jewelry cases unique and a direct, tasteful reflection of what you have to offer.