Custom Made Display Cases on Legs

Store designers and planners like to create open spaces that are enticing to walking traffic. Custom made display cases such as jewelry showcases on legs is one of the way to achieve this effect. Wooden legs or metal legs under the glass area will do the job. There is a choice between straight, Queen Anne and tapered legs that can be mounted under a custom made display case. The wooden legs and deck of the glass area can be stained in a wide variety of finishes from maple to cherry and more.With that many options one can create an open look that will fit most any decor. Alternatively metal legs may installed under the glass area. Since metal can be shaped in more ways than wood the possibilities are endless. The custom made jewelry showcase can have straight, curved, antique looking or stylized modern looking legs in all kinds of designs and finishes. The designs keep on changing and are making the whole field more interesting.