Cash Counters and Glass Display Area

Retail stores, reception areas, convention centers, museums and institutions are all using very wide cash counters. It is common to see cash counters as wide as seven to twelve feet. Some are straight and linear while others are curved. Cash counters have different functions. They serve as desks where you keep your paperwork in order, as the area where you do your bookkeeping, the place where you may display brochures and literature. Since large cash counters are manufactured with multiple drawers and shelving this is where most of the everyday needed supplies are stored. Glass display area with glass shelving may be incorporated within the cash counter. This can be done in different ways: the center of the cash counter is all solid and on each side there will be a fully visible glass area from bottom to top. Another option is to have the glass display area right in the center of the cash counter below a solid top. Having a glass display and a cash counter all in one has many advantages. Everything is concentrated in a single location and may be handled by one or two individuals.