All Different Looks of Glass Top Pedestals

Pedestal displays have one thing in common. Their glass display section sits on a large and tall solid wood pedestal. With such a vast surface available to be finished a manufacturer has many options and choices available to him. The most conventional way to finish a glass top pedestal cabinet is to laminate it. Nowadays many laminates are available on the market but the end effect is fairly flat. Staining a solid wood glass top pedestal cabinet will make it look more vibrant and warmer. Adding up some molding work and doing a two tones stain job on the pedestal base cabinet will create a unique, intriguing feel. A manufacturer may also choose to apply mirror panels on each side of the pedestal base. Artistic tile with its immense variety of colors, designs, styles can also be installed on the pedestal base stand. Metal plates such as copper, brass, silver that may be emulsion treated are another possibility. Depending on the environment, decor, budget very many different looks of glass top pedestals can be completed.