Modular Cash Counters

June 19, 2019 by
Modular Cash Counters
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

When it comes to design and install new cash counters designers have to face many challenges. The size of the space, its configurations and the future use of the cash counters are the primary factors architects and designers will keep in mind. Straight linear cash counters will not always do the job. Take for example the medical profession waiting rooms and reception areas. Here the cash counters have to accommodate several employees dealing with various tasks and situations. Consequently different cash counter sections have to be created. They should be all distinct from one another so that a degree of privacy is maintained. Modular cash counters can fill this function. Such cash counters permit the design and creation of multiple angles that will help in covering the design of multiple different areas.

Modular Cash Counters
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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