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LED Lights for Display Cases
February 10, 2021 by
Angela Squire

Ready to light up your life? This February, love has three letters: L-E-D. At Tecno Display, we manufacture custom glass display cases equipped with light emitting diodes—better known as LED lights. This semi-conductive light source utilizes a heat sink to direct the path of energy that is produced when an electrical current runs through it. These lights reflect dazzlingly when set in a glass showcase. The pristine nature of the glass allows for unobstructed beams of light to fall upon the contents of the case. Unlike incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting, LED lights have a set trajectory. This means that they emit light in a specific direction, increasing their overall performance and versatility. The solid-state materials that comprise LED lights are less fragile than those used to build other types of lights. They are also more resistant to external shocks and have a lower energy consumption rate. Another benefit of LED lights is their small size, which enables them to be placed within a variety of glass displays. Continuously, LED lights have a longer lifespan and can generate up to 90% more light than other light sources. Most of our LED lights come standard with LED transformers. This is typically used for longer light fixtures that require a higher output wattage to run at peak efficiency—frequently utilized in glass counter display cabinets. LED transformers also help maintain the consistency of the color rendering index throughout the light strip. The circuitry within the LED transformer helps to prevent premature system failures as well.

We classify our LED light options into the following three categories:

  • LED Sidelights

    • Generate quality white light in the 5800K color temperature.

    • Light bars can be customized to fit display cases of any length.

    • Sidelights work best in showcases with widths of 12ft or less. 

  • LED Pole Lights

    • Generate quality white light in the 5800K color temperature.

    • Styles include round, rectangular, angled, and, cylinder.

  • LED Top Lights 

    • Generate quality white light in the 5800K color temperature.

    • These can be placed within the top canopy of a display case for additional lighting.

    • Top lights do not require a transformer.

Lighted display cabinets are an effective means of enhancing the visual appeal of any space. Glass jewelry showcases often rely on high-caliber lights to accentuate their precious gems. In retail settings, lighted glass displays draw the attention of customers to more exclusive products. Likewise, illuminated museum pedestals create a focal point for priceless artifacts. Whether you're looking to brighten a cabinet with glass doors or add some sparkle to a custom showcase, LED lighted glass displays are an excellent way to shine a spotlight on your products. No need to be bashful, this February let us help you display the light of your life!

Angela Squire February 10, 2021
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