Large Glass Display Cabinet

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February 13, 2020 by
Large Glass Display Cabinet
Tecno Display, Jason

Large glass display cabinet is a size that many businesses, government departments, collectors, and households want. Large sizes allow more items to be displayed including artifacts, awards and trophies, collectibles, precious items, pretty much anything that people want to display. Generally these display cases are placed against a wall. Due to their large width they will have sliding doors instead of hinged doors. Large glass display cabinet are very useful for covering large areas of wall space. If you have an extended wall you can place these cabinets side by side. This allows a large amount of viewing space and with a lot of shelf space that can be taken advantage of. As far as cost goes, the large cases provide the best value as far as price per linear foot.

Large glass display cabinet are delivered by truck. If you do not have a receiving dock then a truck with a lift gate will be required. Always measure the height of your doorways to make sure the cabinet will fit through the door. If the crate height is over the height of your doorway the delivery people may be able to get it inside by taking the cabinet out of the crate before attempting to bring it inside. It is a good idea to purchase fully assembled cabinets because fully assembled display cases are built at the production facility where trained professionals assemble the cabinets in such a way that they are built very sturdy and should last a very long time.

There are several options available for large glass display cabinet. Bottom cabinet storage is a popular option that provides even more storage space. This will usually consist of two hinged doors and possibly a shelf inside. Sidelights are also a common option that you will see in many of these displays. There are also options such as glass backs, solid backs and wheels instead of levelers which make these cabinets easy to move around if that is something that you plan on doing frequently. As with any other glass display case, these cabinets will have adjustable shelves, top lights and a large selection of available finishes for the cabinets.

Large Glass Display Cabinet
Tecno Display, Jason February 13, 2020
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