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Custom Jewelry Displays
February 26, 2020 by
Jewelry Display Cases
Tecno Display, Jason

Jewelry display cases are some of the most common type of showcase around. Generally people will think of jewelry display cases first when they think of glass display cases. Jewelry display cases is a specific category of display cases that is applicable to many industries and uses other than jewelry. Of course jewelry stores will be primary users of this style of display cases. However, many other industries and individuals will want them. For example, stores that sell small items will generally use these kinds of display cases such as pawn shops, museums, gift shops, and auction houses among many others. Also, there are new industries that are appearing who also find a strong need for jewelry display cases, the cannabis retail store being one of them. One of the best benefits of jewelry display cases is that they are the only display cases that allow a retail space to create a separation between employees an customers. You can configure your retail environment so that employees stand behind a "counter" and there is a separate area to store products and business things that are out of sight of customers.

Jewelry display cases come in a number of different configurations among them full cabinets with storage or four legs. Also full frame or no frame around the glass is an option which is worth considering carefully. Full frame provides a more solid look and can protect the edges if the environment is a little rough on the display case. No frame means the glass edges are UV bonded together. This offers a cleaner look which many users appreciate. As with any other display case, a virtually unlimited amount of cabinet finishes are available from traditional wood grain laminates, stained wood veneers, or modern textured laminates. Lighting is usually composed of an LED light bar which provides the best lighting since these display cases are designed to showcase jewelry, including of course diamonds which require substantial lighting. However, pole lights are another option if less lighting is required. Common options on jewelry display cases are drawers and solid sliding doors that match the rest of the cabinet.

Jewelry display cases come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Of course they come in the rectangular shape which usually varies in width from three feet to six feet in one foot increments. There are also corner display cases which either have angles or are rounded. These are very useful for providing a smooth transition when there is a ninety degree angle in the layout of the display cases. These corner cases can help you build rectangular islands in the middle of a space that employees stand inside the island and easily service every customer. Other layouts that are possible are jewelry display cases that follow the contour of the walls. A reputable display case company will be happy to assist you in determining the best layout for your space. In conclusion, jewelry display cases are some of the most useful type of display case made. They provide a tremendous amount of practicality and are the backbone of many stores.

Jewelry Display Cases
Tecno Display, Jason February 26, 2020
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