Glass Jewelry Counter Cases

June 19, 2019 by
Glass Jewelry Counter Cases
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

When walking into malls and shopping centers you are seeing more and more glass jewelry showcases on legs. The glass display area looks like it is suspended in the air and the legs act as a basic, simple support. Most of these glass jewelry showcases are manufactured with some LED lighting and the glass panels are joined together using optically clear adhesives. Storage areas are mostly absent in these new jewelry cases designs. This may be due to the new inventory rules where you basically will showcase all that you have for sale. Inventory control and reduction are necessities nowadays. One will also notice that the glass jewelry showcases are built considerably higher nowadays thus raising the merchandise right under the customers eyes. Very little is seen of solid wood veneer finish with dark stain finishes. New glass jewelry showcases are light in color and very even in shade. This coming spring season will show what the newest trends in glass cases are.

Glass Jewelry Counter Cases
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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