Display Showcases and The High Cost of Retail Space

June 19, 2019 by
Display Showcases and The High Cost of Retail Space
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

The cost of valuable retail space has been increasing significantly
over the last ten years and store
owners have had to make substantial adjustments to stay in business.
The change has been the most drastic for stores located in high
traffic areas. Individual retail stores are generally smaller. Many of
them are narrow and deep with smaller front windows. As a result
retailers have changed the type of display showcases they are now
using. With the limited amount of floor space available wall display
cases are the ideal solution. For practical reasons they are built
around twelve inches deep with multiple glass shelves and are as high
as eight feet. The wall glass display cases are stacked one next to
the other and will cover at least a full wall of the retail space.
Each crowded glass shelf displays its own category of items.Space is
scarce and there is no room for free standing towers or stand alone
glass top pedestals. When dealing with deep and narrow spaces all the
center area should be dedicated to the walk in traffic.Facing the wall
display showcases counter high glass cases will be lined up together
with a cash counter. Their depth is restricted to fourteen inches for
the merchandise to be fully visible and to save space. The salesperson
will stand most of the time behind them. All glass full vision
showcases are the common option. Each equipped with three to four
shelves they can display a high variety of goods. Large wall shadow
boxes displays may be installed on the wall behind the counter high
glass cases. The glass sides wall shadow boxes should be set tightly
one next to the other and at eye level. Just as the wall display
showcases they can display a vast amount of merchandise within a
limited space. Fully adjustable glass shelves do provide the necessary
flexibility when it comes to displaying items of widely different
heights. Convenience stores, cosmetic stores, smoke shops, paper goods
outlets are some of the business having to deal with limited space in
crowded urban areas. Glass display showcases manufacturers have well
understood the new challenges associated with high leasing costs. They
have developped entire collection of narrow wall display showcases
that can be securely attached to walls. Alternatively the custom
counter high cases may be bolted to the floor for total stability.
Size adjustments can be made easily according to each different space
configuration. Making the most of the limited space available is the

Display Showcases and The High Cost of Retail Space
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro June 19, 2019
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