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Glass Display Cases for Sales Settings
April 15, 2021 by
Angela Squire

Do you often find yourself procrastinating throughout your workday? We can help motivate you! At Tecno Display we manufacture customizable showcases that encourage productivity and functionality within the work space. Our glass display cabinets for sales settings can be equipped with various efficiency options. They can also be crafted to match your existing aesthetic. A few of our laminate and wood veneer color options include Manitoba Maple, Brushed Silver, and Modern Cherry. 

The list below shows a few of the options we have available:

  • Business Showrooms

    • Lighted wall display cases can be recessed into the wall in order to maximize the floorspace of the room. 

    • Optical displays for sales settings can be constructed with vertical rods to hold and organize the eyeglass frames. 

  • Retail Storefronts

    • Cash wraps for sales settings can feature a specialty check writing area to accommodate purchase processing needs. 

    • Retail display counters can have drawers installed in either columns or rows, creating numerous storage areas. 

  • Jewelry Boutiques

    • Commercial jewelry display cases can be embellished with high quality decals that promote the company name, producer name, or collection title. 

    • Rolling jewelry display cases can utilize locking wheels that are hidden seamlessly within the bottom base of the showcase. 

    • Lockable jewelry display cases can have metal locking mechanisms installed in either the glass enclosure or the cabinetry of the unit.

To see more of our efficiency options, click on the link below:

 Efficiency Versus Aesthetic | Tecno Display

Angela Squire April 15, 2021
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