Countertop Displays: CT202 Model

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September 10, 2021 by
Angela Squire

Welcome back to our newest blog series! Each week, we will highlight the product specifications from one of our most popular showcases. Today's topic? Glass countertop display cases! These all-glass display cabinets are fully portable and allow for unobstructed views from every angle. Many retail shops utilize these free standing display cases to present exclusive collections from individual producers and artists. Countertop showcases create a focal point atop any cash wrap or checkout counter—effortlessly boosting sales through add-on items.


This glass countertop display is featured above, showing a Frosty White matte laminate finish. 

  • Standard Features:

    • A tempered glass enclosure

    • A locking pullout deck

    • Aluminum metal framing

      • Black

      • Gold

      • Silver

  • Dimensions:

    • Width: 24"

    • Depth: 18"

    • Height: 9"

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Angela Squire September 10, 2021
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