Your Basic Utility Cash Counter

19 juin 2019 par
Your Basic Utility Cash Counter
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

From fully pre-assembled to knock downs cash counters are built for many uses in many types of locations. Retail stores, convention centers, exhibit areas, schools, movie houses have cash counters on their floor. Your basic cash counter is essentially built using pre-laminated material and is mounted either on levelers or rollers. For budgetary reasons high traffic locations will use knock down cash counters.They are less expensive to produce and cheaper to ship. A basic cash counter can be assembled in less than an hour. Open shelving in the back is the one single feature of all simple cash counters. A recessed top portion is also common. Otherwise durability and stability are expected. From a manufacturing perspective utility cash counters are easy to produce. C and C routers can automatically cut and mass produce all the necessary parts. A utility cash counter is versatile and over time will fulfill many functions

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Your Basic Utility Cash Counter
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro 19 juin 2019
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