Trophy Display Cases New Look

19 juin 2019 par
Trophy Display Cases New Look
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Colleges, schools, universities are keeping their trophy display cases for very many years. One reason is that they can buy them only and when the budget for their purchase has been allocated. This may take very many years. Consequently you will notice that they are still using some obsolete styles that are bulky and unattractive. The new look in trophy display cases puts much emphasis on the glass display area and its lighting and less on the cabinetry. The new style of school trophy cases has multiple shelves that are all tempered glass and fully adjustable. Most often a fixed center divider is installed in the middle of the showcase to create more displaying compartments and to bring additional structural support to very wide trophy showcases. Right now all newer wall trophy showcases have the LED lighting at the top and optionally some LED track lighting on each side. While the base cabinets may be from three to twelve inches tall very many school trophy cases have a glass top or a three inches thin cabinet on top.

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Trophy Display Cases New Look
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro 19 juin 2019
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