Trophy Cases

Custom Trophy Cases
24 mars 2020 par
Trophy Cases
Tecno Display, Jason

Trophy cases are used for much more than displaying trophies. Generally, what distinguishes a trophy case is its size and dimensions. These display cases are usually wide, tall and around 20" deep. They are designed to maximize available displaying area for items and are commonly placed against a wall like a bookcase would be. Trophy cases are used for displaying collectibles, merchandise, trophies, artifacts and many other items. The cabinets of these cases like any other display cases comes in a large variety of laminates and veneers. Since trophy cases are wide they sometimes have a divider in the middle to help support the shelves. Their width generally starts at 40" and goes up to 72". Of course custom widths can make them even wider. Since they are larger than other display cases they have more top lights. Sidelights are a common option that people choose. 

Trophy cases are an appropriate choice for businesses and institutions that want to display large amounts of items and have a lot of wall space to cover. This also holds true for individuals who would like to have a large display area in their homes. Trophy cases are a standard that are used in almost every indoor environment. Of course schools will use these to display trophies as well as other items they would like their students and the public to see. They are also appropriate for businesses that want easily accessible display space that is secure and locking. Since the width of trophy cases is substantial only sliding doors are used.

Many trophy cases have large display areas, but some are made with locking storage in the bottom cabinet and therefore the bottom cabinet is larger for this reason. Veneer trophy cases can have molding as well. The shape of this type of display case is not always rectangular. A few have more of a triangular shape to fit in corners, others have rounded shapes and others may not have glass sides, but only glass shelves. Many times the standard models that manufacturers produce will fit your needs, however if this is not the case then custom trophy cases are available.

Trophy Cases
Tecno Display, Jason 24 mars 2020
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