Specialty Showcase Options

Customized Display Cases
31 décembre 2020 par
Specialty Showcase Options
Tecno Display, Jason

Display cases are offered with many options which you may find interesting. Among these are the material used for the backs. Display cases generally come standard with glass backs. However, there are other options available. These include mirror back and solid backs which block the viewer from seeing what is behind the display case. Mirror backs can add some elegance to the display case and also help the viewer see the backside of the objects being displayed. Solid back generally use material that matches the rest of the cabinet. This will offer a more solid look and provide a background for the objects being viewed. Mirror decks are another option that is available. Decks are made standard with the same material as the rest of the cabinet. Mirror decks are available in all models of display cases from jewelry display cases to trophy display cases.

Wheels, locking wheels and levelers are also popular options. If a display case comes standard with one of these, than usually you are able to  substitute one for the other without incurring any additional cost. Sidelights are the most frequent option selected. They are very common in tower and trophy display cases. Although top lights are standard, sidelights will illuminate shelves individually assuring that each one is properly lite, especially when light from the top lights is blocked by items set on the upper shelves. Some display cases such as jewelry display cases come standard with locking storage, while for others such as tower and trophy display cases it is an option. On jewelry cases optional pullout decks add elegance for discerning clientele. 3/8" thick glass is a common option selected for shelves. The added thickness not only provides additional strength but also produces a visual appeal of robustness. These are the most common options found for glass display cases. There are others as well.

Specialty Showcase Options
Tecno Display, Jason 31 décembre 2020
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