Display Towers

21 janvier 2020 par
Display Towers
Tecno Display, Jason

Display towers are a very popular type of display case that has a small footprint yet can display a good amount of merchandise in a store or collectibles in a home. Display towers tend to be narrow and tall. They come in several shapes: square, rectangular, oval and hexagonal. Generally they have four to five glass shelves which allows for separation of the objects being displayed. Display towers are stand alone and do not require to be placed against a wall. This allows you to place them anywhere in a room. One of the advantages of this is that is allows 360 degree viewing of the items displayed inside and allows greater flexibility with the positioning of the display cases. Also they will likely come with wheels which make them easy to move around and reposition. Space that would not normally be utilized can be with a display tower.

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Display Towers
Tecno Display, Jason 21 janvier 2020
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