Cash Counters for Reception Areas

19 juin 2019 par
Cash Counters for Reception Areas
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro

Walking into a convention center, a movie house, a medical office one will see the prominent space occupied by cash counters. They are always situated in reception areas and fill various functions. You come first to the reception cash counter to get some information and direction as to what you are here for. Appointments, tickets, paper information are provided by clerks and professionals standing by the counters in reception areas. The cash counters configuration and design will vary considerably depending on what they are used for. Placed in medical reception rooms cash counters act as organizers and desks. Installed at the entrance of movie houses cash counters are used as podiums and paperwork storage units. Cash counters for receptions areas may manufactured very simply just as compact square of rectangular units. Alternatively cash counters may be produced as multiple modular units that will be customized for particular applications.

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Cash Counters for Reception Areas
Tecno Display, Brooklyn Stepro 19 juin 2019
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