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TW702 Tower Display Case


Contemporary floating shelves tower showcase with sliding door

TW104 Tower Display Case


Stretched hexagonal retail display case

TW10 Tower Display Case


Sleek tower display case with maximum glass area

TW10TG Tower Display Case


Modern tower display case with glass top

TW121 Tower Display Case


Modern round tower display case

TW122 Tower Display Case


Fashionable curved tower showcase

TW100 Tower Display Case


Choice tower glass display case with three shelves

TW100-2 Tower Display Case


Select retail tower display case with three shelves

TW3 Tower Display Case


Hexagonal store tower display case with five shelves

TW4 Tower Display Case


Stretched hexagonal tower display case with five shelves

TW103 Tower Display Case


Marvelous tower display case with wheels

TW2 Tower Display Case


 Easily transportable tower display case with open sides

TW101 Tower Display Case


Refined display tower showcase with small footprint

TW614-2 Tower Display Case


Distinctive locking tower display case

TW124 Tower Display Case


Polished curved cabinet tower showcase with toe-kick

TW601 Tower Display Case


Classical tower showcase with luxurious stained molding

TW605 Tower Display Case


Classic wood tower display case with dignified crown molding

LED lighting has become a standard feature on our free-standing glass towers. The top lighting located in the upper canopy has LED light bulbs and transformers. The optional side track lighting in all our tower showcases is installed with lower intensity LED light bulbs. We can manufacture our free standing glass towers in many configurations. The height of the base cabinet may be increased up to half the overall height of the tower case. Storage with lockable sliding doors and shelving may be installed in the base. Multiple drawers and cubby holes are available options. Glass display towers are utilized as information centers during trade shows, conventions, and meetings. We offer a multitude of cabinet finishes on our free- standing glass towers aside from the standard black, white and silver laminates. We have a prompt production time on all custom orders. Our very many years of experience have taught us to fulfill our customer's needs rapidly. We can customize our glass display towers according to your very specific needs. A tower showcase is an instrument to facilitate your sales and a tool to promote your image. Durability and flexibility of use are key factors when purchasing a new tower display. We are selecting the highest quality materials and components to manufacture our glass tower showcases. State of the art machinery, trained professionals, methodical quality control make for a quality finished product. We will assist you with the maintenance of your glass display at all times for you to use it at its maximum potential.

Innovation in concept and design are trademarks of our company. We are periodically featuring new models to satisfy the needs of our changing industry. We can cover a vast range of applications when it comes to tower showcases. From the small standard square tower to large exhibit tower display, we will dedicate our full attention to every single project.

Tecno Display manufactures a wide variety of glass tower display cases. From modern minimalist lines to classical looks with molding, we offer a wide range of standard tower cases that will meet most everyone's needs. Tower cases fill a very useful function as they are free standing and can be placed alone away from walls and can also be used to fill what may otherwise be dead space. Every business, institution, museum and collector will find the visual beauty of our glass tower cases a worthwhile investment. Tower cases have a distinctive way of attracting the eye and the contents within can easily be viewed from every angle as it is easy to walk around the tower. This will translate into increased sales in retail environments. Tecno Display manufactures the most elegant and practical tower cases on the market today.

Our Tower Display Cases are all free-standing and available in different shapes and sizes, including tower cases, hexagonal towers, square cases, and rectangular showcases. Pre-assembled, easy to use, with fully adjustable shelves and halogen lighting, they will accommodate multiple purposes. This includes gift ware case, collectibles case, dolls display case, die cast car model showcase just to name a few. As a retail display case they will allow you to organize, categorize your items effectively using a limited amount of space. Our store fixtures can be installed, ready to use in minutes and are all tempered glass. The glass display showcases can be customized as museum tower cases, to showcase sports memorabilia, cosmetic products, pens, coins and various types of glass or crystal items and collectibles. Our display showcases are also widely utilized by the optical industry to display frames and accessories and by camera stores to showcase lenses and photographic equipment. Tecno will help you in the selection of the right cabinet finish for your retail store environment. Because of the quality of construction of our tower cases, they can be easily used as trade show displays. You may want to contact us with your specific needs. Our new state of the art manufacturing facility is highly productive and we can supply all kinds of projects within an accurate and reasonable period of time, should it be a single towers or a quantity of promotional Tower Cases. Please contact us for your needs and projects.

Most of tower display cases can be customized as per your requirements. We may increase the overall height of the case or manufacture it wider or deeper. Another option is to increase singly the glass area or to add some more fully adjustable tempered glass shelves for more displaying area. Different types of storage may also be added in your base cabinet. For most free-standing towers we do recommend a piano hinged door or a regular hinged door. They are practical and also economical to build. Recently LED lighting has become very popular. While up to now very few customers were willing to consider the option of upgrading their lighting to LED because of the substantial cost involved, we at Tecno Display can provide you with LED top lighting and LED side track lighting at a fraction of the cost. This very white and focused type of light will greatly enhance the look and value of your display cabinet and of its content. LED lighting works very well for jewelry items, high value collectibles and fine crystal ware. A good part of our glass towers customization involves the manufacture of very large or slightly rectangular full vision free standing cases, without shelving at all. These display cabinets are essentially used to display mannequins or very tall museum figures. Overall, there are a multitude of features that can be changed or built in within our glass towers. We are uniquely qualified to accommodate your needs since we have been in business for very many years, have an experienced customer service department and have a modern and state of the art cabinet shop in our factory. So next time you are looking for a way to display unusual items, please check with us first.