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JL116 Jewelry Display Case


Sit-down wood jewelry display case with Queen Anne legs

JL 116 Tapered Leg Jewelry Display Case


Refined sit-down wood counter display case with tapered legs

JL 116 Top Jewelry Display Case


Upscale wood tabletop display case

JL 139 Jewelry Display Case


Modern glass jewelry display case

JL 108 Jewelry Display Case


Quarter vision glass jewelry display case

JL 110 Jewelry Display Case


Secure jewelry display case with shelf

JL 109 Jewelry Display Case


Retail glass counter display case with two shelves

JL 111 Jewelry Display Case


Sturdy glass jewelry display showcase with three shelves

JL 106 Jewelry Display Case


Imposing LED sit-down display case

JL 106-2 Jewelry Display Case


Elaborate sit-down jewelry display case with molding

JL 113 Jewelry Display Case


Commercial display cabinets with solid sides

JL 201 Jewelry Display Case


Magnificent oval Island Counter Display Case

JL 113 1 corner Jewelry Display Case


Splendid corner jewelry glass display case

JL 113 2 Corner Jewelry Display Case


Ultimate corner counter display case

JL 107 Jewelry Display Case


Stylish corner angled jewelry display case

JL 127 Jewelry Display Case


Magnificent curved corner jewelry display case

Curved Modular Display Cases

Curved Jewelry Case Inline

Curved Segment

Curved jewelry cases are modular and can be put together to create one large flowing jewelry display countertop design

Convex Jewelry Case

Convex Jewelry Case

Bowing out towards the customer, these display cases offer a spanning view of your products

Concave Jewelry Case

Concave Jewelry Case

Display cases that curve inwards allow customers to step into the display area and be enveloped by the products

Large Curved Showcase

Large Curved Showcase

Spanning six feet, these large display cases offer a luxurious ambiance to display a collection of fine jewelry

Jewelry Islands

Curved Island

Curved Island

Island with 1/4 and 3/4 vision display cases and curved corner display case

Corner Island

Corner Island

Island with 1/4 and 1/2 vision display cases with a sharp edge design

Endcap Island

 Endcap Island

Elegant mahogany display cases with 1/4 and 1/2 vision display cases

Jewelry islands are installed in reasonably spacious stores. Depending on the open center space, jewelers may choose to set up a single one. If the store is considerably larger they will set up a few jewelry islands in different sections of the shop. Once installed, a jewelry island should allow for the free flow of the traffic within the store. Typical jewelry islands are four sided. Quarter vision jewelry showcases, sit downs and full vision cases can be combined. To create each of the corners we can manufacture separate three sided corner jewelry showcases. Square elevated pedestals can be used to form the corners as well. Their width and depth should be the same as the depth of the jewelry cases forming the island. We can design the bottom of the top glass display area of the pedestal to be leveled with the other jewelry showcases. Square and three sided display towers can be installed at the corners as well. We can offer some straight jewelry showcases with a single or double corners. They are a more economical when building the corners of a jewelry island. Alternatively, we can integrate curved corner jewelry showcases to create a more exclusive look. A well designed jewelry island should provide for enough movement space inside. The salesperson should have an easy access to the merchandise. Since jewelry islands are autonomous, units within the store a cash counter should be part of its configuration. We are offering various types of doors to enter and exit our jewelry islands. Single hinged door, double hinged doors and flip doors are the most commonly used. All are equipped with a lock for added safety. All our cabinetry is cut and assembled with extreme accuracy since the display cases have to fit tightly against each other. Our jewelry islands are made of modular jewelry cases. Once correctly placed on the floor, all the showcases should be leveled equally and then tightly bolted together. The lighting may be activated from each showcase individually, or you may choose to run some electrical conduit all throughout the island with a single switch to activate all the showcases lighting. Should you choose to do, so we will install the transformers wiring so that they may be easily connected to each other. We also cater to the medical marijuana and cannabis industry, as well as dispensaries that sell CBD. Our custom service and design department will be glad to help you with the design of your island. Should you choose to place the island towards the front of the store or in the center of it, accuracy in the sizing is essential. All our cabinetry can be supplied in solid wood veneer and stains or laminated. If solid wood, please precise the direction of the grain. All the jewelry island showcases will be keyed the same for easy, every day use. We offer a choice of showcase styles to complete each jewelry island. Options such as drawers, pull out decks, mirror doors, solid doors, pull out trays, and front lips are available on jewelry showcase islands. We can manufacture your showcases with framing all around the glass display area, or with glass to glass construction. Jewelry island configurations can be completed using our standard models, or with custom designed display cases. Our customer service will assist you at all times during your project. In many ways, a finely crafted jewelry island is the showpiece of a jewelry store.

Tecno Display is a leader in the manufacturing of glass display jewelry cases. We offer a full line of standard cases and also produce custom display cases for entire stores. We offer styling that includes modern sleek appearances as well as the traditional classical look. Our team of highly qualified customer service agents will be happy to work with you on planning a new store or a redesign. We will even draw CAD drawings to help you redesign your existing retail space or design a new space. Curved wood designs are also an idea if you are looking for a more fluid look. Tecno Display manufactures its cases with the jeweler in mind and as such we offer all the design options that retailers need in today's competitive retail environment.

Wood veneers are available with a variety of stain finishes. Sample chips of wood veneers with different stains can be sent to you for your examination. Should you wish to order a showcase with a custom laminate, all we need is the name of the manufacturer and the item number.
The showcases may be equipped with pull-out decks for easier jewelry placement, presentation and removal. The storage in the jewelry case's cabinets may be with sliding doors or hinged doors. Options such as locking drawers, file drawers, and/or pencil drawers can be added to the showcases. The configuration of our cash wrap may include a pull-out keyboard tray, a section for your cash register or computer. Based on your functional needs, we can practically design your cash wrap.

Our jewelry cases feature locking sliding door or hinged door storage.  Our goal is to make the new fixture or remodeling of your store as efficient, smooth, and detailed as possible. Following this process you may use our standard jewelry showcases or modify them and/or add some custom cases.  Upon submission of your showroom floor plan, Tecno will assist you in the development of a showcase layout that fits your space, your image, selling needs and budget. You will have on paper exactly what the showcases will look like in your future store, together with sizing and dimensions. As you can see on our website slide show, we are able to work on a wide variety of projects, on many various looks, showroom sizes, and cabinet materials. All photos on our slide show represent projects completed recently and are updated constantly as a source of references. All our showcases can be manufactured using standard or custom laminates or solid wood/veneers. We are supplying a high quality finish on all our solid wood cases and can also match any finish you wish. Finish prototypes will be produced first for your examination and when approved, production of your cabinets will start. A number of features can be included in the production of your showcases such as multiple drawers in various sizes and configurations, customized cash wraps, work stations, tables, desks, fillers and glass area pull out drawers. For high longevity, Tecno uses high quality hardware on all its products. The front of the jewelry cases may be complimented with a lip, a pedestal look can be designed on each side of the showcase and we can increase or shorten the height of any case. The glass area may be made lower or taller. Different moldings shapes, designs and patterns can also be added to your showcase's front face from the simple discreet look to elaborate and rich finishes. Tecno will manufacture gates and doors to your exact specifications, keeping in mind that safety and practicality are the two functions all of us are looking for. The top glass area can be framed all around using our high quality and non-obtrusive anodized aluminum extrusion, or we can supply the same glass area with the front glass to glass. Should you choose this option, the lighting should be installed in the sales side of the showcase. A glass to glass front will increase the visibility of your products. We will keep the framing on the sides to keep and enhance the safety of your showcases. The accurate machining of the framing will also allow each showcase to butt against the next one without any gap of any kind. Dust, liquids, humidity will not slip in between. We are constantly striving to improve our finished products and will keep you informed of any new available feature. We do realize how scheduling is important, understand the multiplicity of the tasks involved in opening a new store or remodeling an existing one and will give you a professional and accurate production time. All of our jewelry display cases are pre-assembled and are available in different shapes and sizes. Easy to use and set up, Tecno's jewelry showcases can be manufactured using out standard listed laminates but also custom laminates of your choice or solid wood veneers. We are offering different ranges or look of jewelry showcases, such as glass sides on the display area or solid wood sides. Our jewelry showcase selection includes quarter vision, half vision, full vision, sit down, and tall sit down (on a stool) jewelry cases. In addition, angular corner showcases, as well as curved jewelry display cases may be used for configuration. Should you choose a glass-to-glass front construction jewelry case or a jewelry case with framing all around, Tecno Display will help you with the selection of the most appropriate lighting and lighting location. We can also supply you with different shapes, sizes, and configurations of cash wraps best fitted to the needs of your jewelry store. Museum showcases and/or showcase pedestals can be made to display your jewelry show pieces. You may inquire with us as to the range of wood moldings and designs that can mounted on the face cabinet of our display cases.

The trend towards LED lighting has grown stronger over the last couple of years, and all our jewelry showcases are now equipped with LED lamps standard. The LED bulbs are placed inside cylindrical metal fixture and at regular intervals. The fixtures may be adjusted up and down to project the light at different angles. For additional accent lighting, LED pole lights may be added at the front corners of the jewelry case and if desired at each of the four corners of the display case. The small LED poles highlight showpieces within the showcase The lighting fixtures can be cut to size and are fit for custom sized jewelry showcases. LED lighting is low maintenance and saves in energy costs. It produces a very white type of lighting that spreads evenly all over the jewelry. All the items within the glass display area will be shown entirely without any shadows. When the jewelry showcase is manufactured with a metal framing around the glass area, the LED light bar may be installed in the front or in the back. When the construction is glass to glass we highly recommend installing the light fixture on the sales person side. It will guarantee the unobstructed view of the jewelry from the front. We can manufacture jewelry glass display showcases with less cabinetry. The glass display area will have two solid wood panels going all the way down to the floor. The area between the panels will be wide open. For added stability, a thin modesty panel is installed to keep the wood sides stable and sturdy. The open cabinetry jewelry showcases may be free-standing or installed as part of a complete configuration or jewelry island. They will give to any jewelry store a sense of openness and a gallery look. With this type of layout, the outside traffic may have a clear view of the whole jewelry store in its entirety. We manufacture this jewelry showcase collection as straight linear jewelry display cases in lengths from three feet to six feet. They are also available with a slightly curved front. Thin drawers can be added below the glass display for a limited storage use. For an added distinctive look we can supply the jewelry showcase with a thick glass top and polished edges. The glass to glass bonding is achieved with optically clear adhesives that are activated with intense UV lights. The liquid adhesive is freely applied to the edge of the glass panel and then cured by the light. The result is a strong bond without residues or air bubbles. Our jewelry display showcases cabinets may be sprayed with paints of different colors. Our trained wood finishers will sand all surfaces to a perfect smoothness. The professional spraying of a few coats of paint guarantees a seamless finish on all jewelry showcases. A clean, radiant jewelry showcase finish will make your store all the more attractive. Tecno Display manufactures glass display tops also. Designed with the same attention to craftsmanship, they can be installed on separate wood bases. We do carry standard sizes and will manufacture them as per your exact sizes requirements. Jewelry showcases with glass tops are particularly useful for trade show exhibitors, as they are easy to move around and may be installed on a table or a simple wood base. They are available with or without lighting and will display your jewelry to great effect. Some of our customers will choose to purchase a glass display top only and have it assembled to an existing wood base. Others may choose to have it sit on a custom metal structure. Glass jewelry display top have many applications and are supplied to a wide variety of businesses. See our Trophy Cases.