How to Receive and Uncrate a Tecno Showcase Video 3

How to Receive and uncrate a Tecno Display showcase. Don't sign off on your order until you follow these important steps. Check to see if the outer shrink wrap has been damaged. Find the Red tip 'N' card on your order. If your order tipped over during transport, the tip of the white arrow will be blue. If you see a hole in the plastic wrap, look inside the hole for pieces of broken glass. Once you have followed these steps, You may sign off on the order. Tools you will need for this task are a hammer. A screwdriver, utility scissors and a utility knife. Use your utility knife to cut through the plastic film and remove it. With a screwdriver and hammer detach the crating boards from each other. Cut the vertical black straps with scissors or a utility knife. Remove the wooden box top and all padding beneath it. Do not discard small components to the side of the showcase. With the help of a friend you will now remove the showcase off its pallet. There are two ways to do this... The first is to slide the showcase down a ramp. The second is to lift the showcase off the pallet. You now know how to uncrate your showcase. How to Install Sliding Glass Doors Tecno Instructional Video 1. How to align your Tecno Showcase Hinged Door. Jewelry Showcases Wall Showcases Tecno Display Inc. 2277 National Avenue Hayward, CA 94545 Phone: (510)782-5600 - (800 255-3536 Business Advertising & Distribution provided by Lee Noring SEO Advertising 920 Leo Way Woodland CA 95776 United States (530) 668-1132 - (800) 311-7752 Internet Advertising Starting at only $1