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Shipping your Display Case

Our display cases are shipped out fully assembled. Our display cases are first shrink wrapped and bubble wrapped to prevent any scratching then they are crated and shrink wrapped again. The shelves, of the display, will be wrapped in bubble wrapped and cardboard and are shipped out attached to the side of the display cases. The cases are enclosed in a secure crate protecting the display from damages. Between the display case and the crate there is foam on each corner to keep it safe in the wooden crate. The wooden crate is than wrapped in shrink wrap again and covered with paper to help protect the glass display case. All of our display cases will be delivered curbside with a lift gate, notification or any other services that are requested by the customer. At Tecno Display we make sure to go the extra mile to insure your display case is delivered without a scratch.

Jewelry In Glass Display Cases

All jewelry stores are going to have glass display cases. They are ideal for jewelry stores because they exhibit the diamonds and gems under the perfect lighting to make them sparkle. They also keep the inventory safe behind the tempered and locked away from the customer. Picking the right jewelry case for your store is easy. First you should decide if you want to give your store a chic, modern look or more of a rustic, elegant look. Next you should choose the appropriate size for your case, considering the needs for your store. Pick the perfect color wood or laminate that will make your store stand out and whether you want silver, black or gold framing, if there is framing on your selected case. a mirror deck or laminate deck is an option on most of our cases, a mirror deck will reflect the light in your case better.

Glass Display Cases

Our glass display cases provide an elegant and alluring environment for your store. Tecno's glass cases can increase the attractiveness your merchandise and provide a more organized and seamless look that is easy and pleasant for customers to shop. At Tecno Display, we can make locked cases to display valuable merchandise such as watches or jewelry that provide an added layer of security. Our glass cases can also be open-faced, allowing for customers shop merchandise independently at their leisure. Whether your store sells cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, or gifts your merchandise will be more attractive to customers if displayed in our glass display cases than on a cluttered shelf or counter top. We can also customize your cases by providing options such as LED top lights, spotlights, and micro halogen spotlights, additional shelves, and other customizations, including natural wood veneer finishes. With our high quality glass showcases, your store will be sure to shine ahead of the rest.

Cash Wraps

Our cash wraps complete the look of your store by streamlining its style for a cohesive, polished look. In addition to traditional straight cash wraps, we can customize cash wraps to curve at various angles to complete the functional design of your store. Our cash wraps can be customized to include essential features such as a check writing area, a computer keyboard roll out tray, hinged or sliding doors, open shelving or a recessed spaces, as well as cut outs to allow for the passage of wiring. A well designed and customized cash wrap can complete the look of your store, making a positive, professional, lasting impression on customers.

Promotional Display Cases

At Tecno Display we provide promotional display showcases for companies in the jewelry, gift, optical, cosmetic industries and for corporations. We can easily customize free standing towers, wall display showcases, counter height jewelry cases and glass top pedestals to enhance your products and reinforce your brand image. In addition, we can customize your showcases with glass shelves, special lighting systems, lockable storage, mirrored or solid backs and provide a wide selection of laminates or solid wood veneer finishes. We are committed to assisting you build unique, functional and cost effective showcases that will make your brand distinctive. Make your products and company stand out with our top of the line promotional display cases.

Counter Top Display Cases

There is nothing more convenient than Tecno Display's counter top glass display cases. These counter top displays are are small and lightweight, making them perfect for any type of trade show, even or project. Counter top showcases can hold anything from jewelry to limited edition collectible items. These showcases are small, gorgeous and built with the very best quality materials. At Tecno Display, we make sure every display case is built to its absolute finest, especially our glass display counter tops. We also can create custom counter top display cases. Whether its custom lighting, dimensions or something completely different entirely, Tecno display can create it. Because counter top display cases are small and light weight, they are also fast to produce. While most items take roughly two weeks to build, counter top display cases can usually be manufactured within a week! These display cases also come with a variety of standard options like lighting or door options that can make the display stand out. Our counter top display case are sure to dazzle anyone who walks near them. At Tecno Display, we will work with our customers to make sure we can deliver the most impeccable counter top display case, matching perfectly to our customers idea or design.

Optical Display Case

Optical display cases are featured cases at Tecno Display. Optical display cases are perfect for doctors offices or home projects. We have a variety of optical glass display cases from tower optical display cases to short optical display showcases and even wall mounted optical display cases. Our optical showcases have a lot of room to showcase items as well as a lot of storage area. At Tecno Display we work with our customers to bring their designs and ideas to life, making sure to go over every detail. With Optical display cases we have a variety of laminates or finishes and lighting options that can bring anyones ideal designs to fruition. We also have completely custom options. We can customize dimensions, finishes, lighting, pretty much anything you can think of. With Tecno Displays optical showcases, customers will be dazzled with our forward thinking optical display cases. Along with impeccable design, our optical glass display cases are strong and built to last. Our customers can trust that our optical showcases will stay gorgeous for many years to come.

Trophy Display Cases

Tecno Display has a large variety of glass display case. Our most flexible glass display cases are our wall and trophy display cases. These trophy showcases can be used for most projects, whether store openings, doctor offices, home projects, special events, etc. Many of our trophy display cases have plenty of room to showcase special items and plenty of extra storage space, making the case usable for different projects. Our trophy showcases also have impeccable lighting and adjustable shelves, making no items too small or too big to showcase. Trophy display cases have a variety of options and extra options to choose from, regarding color, lighting, glass, doors, etc. Because of all of our options, trophy display cases can be perfect no matter the event. If however, our trophy display case options still aren't enough, Tecno Display specializes in building and designing custom trophy display cases. We can customize anything needed on our trophy display cases, from finishes to dimensions to even the glass.

Jewelry Glass Display Cases

Tecno Display's jewelry display cases are one of our top selling displays. Our glass jewelry display cases are gorgeous as well as strong and sturdy. We have a large unique variety of jewelry showcases and we even specialize in custom jewelry display cases. We can help our customers with any type of custom cabinet, whether custom dimensions or finishes. Along with our large variety of standard jewelry showcases, we also have a variety of lighting options or finishes. With the amount of options we have for our jewelry display cases its easy to get caught up, however with our fantastic sales team, we will help our customers narrow down their options and deliver the perfect display case. Many of our jewelry cases come standard with an LED light bar, wheels or levelers. Our jewelry displays are easy to access and secure. At Tecno Display we pride our selves in our many years of craftsmanship of jewelry display cases. With over 20 years of experience we have perfected our technique of crafting jewelry display cases. Whether a custom jewelry display or one of our standard displays, our customers can trust that we will make the perfect jewelry showcase they had pictured.

Museum Display Cases

Museum display cases are perfect for showcasing any items to the maximum. What makes our museum display cases so wonderful is the tall glass height, our amazing light fixtures, and the incredible pneumatic locking system that is safe and easy to operate. Because of the glass height and the pneumatic system, our museum display cases have a gorgeous design and a reliable locking system for maximum protection. Even our museum pedestal display cases are amazing. All of our museum pedestals are easy to view from all sides and are completely stunning. Our museum showcase are not just perfect for only museums but these showcases can be used for home projects, stores, events, etc. At Tecno Display, we also excel in custom museum display cases. Whether custom laminate for custom dimensions, we are positive we can make your ideal show case come to fruition.

Glass Tower Display Case

At Tecno Display we provide incredible tower display cases. Glass tower display cases are perfect for showcasing any item like merchandise, trophies or collectible items. These glass tower display cases don't take up much room either, making this case perfect for any space or event. Tower displays are perfect for stores, museums, homes, etc. Tower display cases also have great features like LED lighting, sliding glass doors and a variety of color choices. Tecno Display also just come out with a new modern tower display case the W702. This display case is easy to view on all sides and is easy to access and move. The W702 is a stunning glass tower display case that is built to last. All of Tecno Display's tower cases, like the W702, are quality built, perfect for showcasing items and stunning.

Wall Mounted Displays

At Tecno Display, wall mounted glass display cases are one of our top selling displays and its easy to see why. Wall mounted displays are perfect for showcasing art, merchandise or any collectible item. These wall mounted displays are light weight, easy to set up and easy to move. Wall displays are also strong and sturdy as well as light weight. We have a variety of wall mounted displays from unique display designs to completely custom wall mounted displays. We can also customize our wall mounted displays from custom dimensions to custom laminate. We also can add extra options to wall displays like adding a mirror back, a top canopy or extra lighting. Wall mounted glass display cases are perfect for any event, store or personal project.