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Options for cases

At Tecno Display can have the ability and expertise to make very custom display cases. That means even if you are getting one of our standard case models you can still make it very unique for your home or store. On all our our cases making slight changes to diameters, glass thickness, glass height, ect.. is easy and we will love to help you customize your case You can also add storage or remove storage areas. We have a wide variety of storage area options which include hinged door storage, pull out storage, regular drawers, pencil drawers, file drawers, and molding. Changing in the lighting system is a good way to make a noticeable change to a standard case you can remove or change the the lighting style in our cases with optional LED or halogen.

Laminate VS Wooden Veneer Display Cases

When choosing one of our display cases you’re going to have to choose between a laminate and wooden veneer. Laminates are man made material adhered to wood, this gives them the ability to come in a much larger variety or colors, textures and wooden grains. These tend to be more resilient than natural wood. With choosing laminate for your display case you can expect consistent coloring and pattern, low cost, and a lower risk of dents and scratches. Veneers are natural wood with different stains to alter the color, then a layer of clear coat to protect the wood and make it shine. Wooden veneers are going to be softer than laminate, making it more susceptible to scratches. With natural wood changes in grain, pattern and color should be expected. Different moisture levels in the wood will affect the amount of stain the wool will absorb, This brings up the risk of inconsistency throughout the case. These distinct attributes contribute to the natural beauty and personality of the wood, making veneers preferred by many customers.

Airtight Museum Cases

What glass display case you put in your museum is very important, especially if your exhibit includes artifacts or fossils. The case you choose for your assets need to be able to protect them from not only the spectators, but also the climate. At Tecno Display our museum cases are the perfect contribute to any exhibition. Airtight cases will protect your artifacts from the climate that can destroy them, by keeping dust and humidity out you can ensure the life of your belongings will be prolonged. A strong, locking case is also very essential for your museum. With our cases onlookers will be able to get close and see the details of the possession inside the case and the owner wont have to worry about the safety of it. Our museum cases are locked with a easy to use pneumatic system. Behind a hidden locking door are tubes, with a pressurized can of air you can seal the top onto your showcase, keeping it tightly locked, the top wont come off until air is put back in, releasing the pressure from the top glass on the case.

Shipping your Display Case

Our display cases are shipped out fully assembled. They are first shrink wrapped to prevent any scratching. The shelves will be wrapped in bubble wrapped and cardboard. They are shipped out attached to the side of the display cases. The cases are than enclosed in a crate made of 2x4s. they have foam on each corner to keep it safe in the wooden crate. The wooden crate is than wrapped in shrink wrap again to make is easy to check for any damages made to the wooden crate or display case. all of our display cases will be delivered curbside with a lift gate, please request inside delivery or uncrating if it is required.

Retail Glass Display Cases

Retail Stores can benefit substantially by investing in a glass display case for their store. Adding a high quality showcase with led lighting can clean up the clutter and the store will be more appealing and bring in new customers. Customers will be more attracted to look in the glass case than they would looking at all the merchandise laid out on a counter top or cluttered shelf. A display case could bring organization to all retail stores weather they carry shoes, purses, perfume, jewelry, makeup, pet supplies or home decor. The glass case will also benefit the store by providing security. With the option of an open face showcase, customers can help themselves while their shopping. With a locking case you can have guarantee that your merchandise is always protected.

Optical Showcases

Optical display cases are essential in optometrist offices. They make it easy for their patients to browse through the selection of eye wear they have available. Eye doctor offices can use our standing wall showcases, shadow boxes, dispensing tables and presentation cabinets. Our standing wall showcase is made with tempered glass for strength, led lighting and a plunger locking glass door. We can change out the glass shelves with frame holders to hold more glasses. Our shadow boxes have 40-90 fame holders, with locking tempered glass doors, to keep your inventory safe. Like all of our cases, our dispensing tables are made of tempered glass with locking glass doors. These tables look great placed anywhere around your store. Our storage cabinet for eyeglasses is made of all wood with 13 drawers that holds 15 pairs each, making it perfect for stores with limited spaces.

Display Cases for Limited Spaces

Just because you have limited space to exhibit your belongs doesn't mean you should compromise. There are many display cases made special for small spaces. One of your options are counter top showcases. They are lightweight so you can move them as needed and take up no floor space. These counter top cases are good for displaying jewelry, watches, and small statues. Quarter vision jewelry cases can display a lot and take up less space. they fit snugly in the corner of the room to take up less floor space., yet are still easy to access your items stored inside. Pedestals are the most common choice for small spaces. we have different size options to fit your needs. our pedestal come with weeks to easily move around if needed.

Jewelry In Glass Display Cases

All jewelry stores are going to have glass display cases. They are ideal for jewelry stores because they exhibit the diamonds and gems under the perfect lighting to make them sparkle. They also keep the inventory safe behind the tempered and locked away from the customer. Picking the right jewelry case for your store is easy. First you should decide if you want to give your store a chic, modern look or more of a rustic, elegant look. Next you should choose the appropriate size for your case, considering the needs for your store. Pick the perfect color wood or laminate that will make your store stand out and whether you want silver, black or gold framing, if there is framing on your selected case. a mirror deck or laminate deck is an option on most of our cases, a mirror deck will reflect the light in your case better.