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New LED top light, side lights, and jewelry lights
Wall Shadow Boxes
Made in the USA




C12-36" LED Top & Side Lights

C16 Curved Front Shadow Box
C12 Shadow Box
C12-36" Shadow Box
C15/3 36

Curved Front Shadow Box

Shadow Box

36-Inch Wide Shadow Box

Shadow Box





C13 Shadow Box
NV204 Wall-Mounted Curved Display Showcase
NV205 Wall-Mounted Curved Solid Display Showcase
C20 Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Custom C12-A

Custom C12-B

Custom C12-C

Custom C12-D

Custom C12-A Shadow Box
Custom C12-B Shadow Box
Custom C12-C Shadow Box
Custom C12-D Shadox Box

Size Shown: 24" Wide by 40" Tall by 9" Deep

Shadow Box Recessed with Frame30" Wide by 48" Tall by 9" Deep

Size Shown: 48" Wide by 28" Tall by 9" Deep

Size Shown:60" Wide by 24" Tall by 9" Deep




Group C21, C22, C23

C21 Shadow Box
C22 Shadow Box
C23 Shadow Box C21, C22, C23 Shadow Boxes

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Boxes


C15 22"

C15/2 30"

C15/3 36"

C21 Shadow Box
C15 22
C15/2 30
C15/3 36

Shadow Box

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

C15/4 16"




C15/3 36
C123 Curved Shadow Box
GL602 Shadow Box
C12-40" Shadow Box

Bulletin Board

Curved Shadow Box

Shadow Box

Shadow Box

All display cases are available in our different standard finishes and in custom laminates and finishes.
All our wall shadow boxes are available with optional LED top lighting and/or optional LED side track lighting.

Wall Shadow Boxes


Wall shadow boxes are display cases that can be hung on walls. They are very valuable in this regard because they do not take up any floor space and take advantage of real estate which would otherwise be dead space. Shadow boxes vary widely in sizes from being very wide to having varying amounts of depths. As with the other glass display cases offered by Tecno Display the styling varies as well, from sleek and modern to more traditional and elegant. Shadow boxes are also more affordable and therefor are attainable for people on very limited budgets. Tecno offers a wide range of standard cases and will be happy to work with you on any customizations you may require. Wall shadow boxes are ideal for jewelers that have many items that deserve attention, as well as schools, universities, businesses and institutions that want to display any variety of items. Wall shadow boxes have the added benefit of enriching the visual landscape by filling walls which may otherwise be left bare.

Shadow display boxes are the one way to make your products highly visible, right in front of the viewer and put to good use your available wall space. Shadow boxes can be hung or recessed into a wall. They are fully assembled and ready to install. Tecno Display will manufacture them in the size you need. Just give us the width, height and depth: from very narrow to very tall and from very wide to very short. Standard shadow boxes have lockable sliding doors with a plunger lock. Small size shadow boxes can be made with hinged doors. For structural purposes hinged doors should not exceed twenty inches in width. They are equiped with fifty watt halogen top lights spaced twelve inches apart. Vertical side track lighting can be installed with corresponding spotlights. This may be suitable for tall and narrow boxes. The shelves are fully adjustable. The back and/or deck of a shadow box can be mirrored or solid wood, laminated. Shadow boxes can be made with solid wood sides or glass sides.
Should you wish to recess your box into a wall we can build a frame molding around the box to mask the connection between wall and box and to enhance the overall look of your display. Shadow boxes are ideal to display jewelry, collectibles, museum artwork, and general giftware. They also can be manufactured with a top in glass and possible glass sides. You may choose to add more tempered glass adjustable shelves than the standard number for your cabinet. The deck of your shadow box may be mirrored or laminated. Our new additions include shadow boxes with a curved front cabinet. You also can use our shadow boxes as window displays. Please specify the exact configuration and dimensions of your window(s) opening, and we will recommend the best way to install them within your window. It is an easy and inexpensive way to attract traffic into your store. Small lit shadow boxes will help you to categorize your goods in a clean and professional way in your retail store. For example, they are often used to showcase whole collections of necklaces, pendants, or chains on a single shelf. Our shadow box display will also enhance the exclusive and specific look of your store. Like all our showcases, they are pre-assembled, tempered glass and easy to install. Available in a variety of solid wood veneers, complemented with accent molding. One of our very many store fixtures.

Our wall hung display collection now includes shadow boxes with a center divider. This allows for the installation of two separate sets of fully adjustable shelves on each side of the divider. The back of the shadow box as well as the sides of the dividers may be finished in white or in the same tone as the rest of the shadow box. Should you need to order a very wide shadow box we are able to install more than one divider within the glass display area. Wall display cases with such partitions offer you the possibility to categorize your merchandise in many different areas and to create distinct sections. When large and spacious wall boxes are made you may consider ordering your glass cabinet with some thicker 3/8” tempered glass shelves. The polished edges of such thicker glass makes your display also more attractive and is an added value. As a new option on all our wall showcases we offer LED top lighting at a very affordable price. LED lighting is a whiter and cleaner type of light and is also an energy saver. LED lighting may be installed within your top cabinet and also on each side of your showcase similarly to our existing side track lighting. With the cost of retail space going up more and more retailers are looking for creative ways to increase their displaying space at a lower cost. Certainly shadow boxes and top glass pedestals are the perfect way to accomplish this. Jewelers, gift stores owners, optical stores, electronic stores, antiques shops as well as corporate and institutional customers are using more of them. Keep in mind that we can custom design and make them easily and at a very reasonable cost. This is true also of curio cabinets that are often also called wall shadow boxes. Should you have a wall space that you want to fill, call us and we will come up with a solution.

Our collection of gallery and jewelry shadow boxes (C21, C22, C23, C24) is new and unique in the industry. They are all solid wood on five sides with an hinged lockable door in the front. The top of each shadow box is equipped with LED puck lights which are very efficient since the light is contained and reflects on all sides of the boxes. Depending on the width of the box one or more LED puck lights are installed. Each puck light comes with its own plug-in transformer. Standard sizes are shown on our website but the shadow boxes can be easily customized. Width, depth, height can easily be increased to fit the special requirement of your space or wall. The boxes can be either hung on a wall or recessed into a wall of partition. They are delivered together with the hardware necessary to attach them. Many galleries or jewelry stores are choosing to purchase an assortment of them in different sizes and to install them in a different pattern or configuration. Each object displayed individually in our gallery shadow box looks its best, very unique and much like a collection piece. The fully enclosed display renders an air of exclusivity. You may choose to install a few as a group or to cover a whole wall with our shadow boxes using symmetrical or random designs. In addition we now have available some compartmented wall boxes  that have a number of differently sized display compartments within the same outer fully enclosed wood frame. Each of the section has its own individual source of lighting for more brilliance (See item C24). This item can be easily customized by increasing the dimensions of the outer frame, increasing or decreasing the number of compartments or changing the configuration of the existing ones. The C24 box is more suitable for the display of collections. All are available in our standard finishes, laminated or solid wood as well as custom finishes. When ordering a custom size or configuration provide us with a clear drawing and dimensions.

They are ideal for store designers who can use them to create some whole sections of the store with a very exclusive look. The cabinet shadow boxes are flexible and user friendly. They can be arranged in different ways and configurations on your walls and windows. The displaying possibilities are infinite. Aligned next to each other, installed on top of each other or simply by creating a square, rectangular, triangular pattern with different sizes mounted together. Store designers can choose between a classic look by having them manufactured in solid wood veneer with a stain or can opt for a very modern feel should they want to have them sprayed in a vivid color finish. They are clean looking, evenly lit and vibrant since the LED lighting is well contained by the five solid sides of the shadow box. When looking at the multi compartmented shadow boxes keep in mind that not only the overall size may be customized but also each of the individual boxes within the main one. In this instance we mean the inside configuration or the number of compartments and their sizes. The merchandise is easily accessible with the use of tempered glass and lockable hinged doors as well as sliding doors. Our locking mechanisms are effective, easy to operate and absolutely safe.

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