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Tecno Display, Manufacturers & Producers, Hayward, CA
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New LED top light, side lights, and jewelry lights
Made in the USA




PED 100
PED 101
PED 102

Square Pedestal

Square Pedestal

Square Pedestal

PED101 with LED Pole Lights



PED101 Gallery Pedestal with LED Pole Lights
GL140 Square Vitrine Pedestal
GL137 Pedestal Display Case with Glass Top

Gallery Pedestal with LED Pole Lights

Square Vitrine Pedestal

Pedestal Display Case with Glass Top




GL112-20 Square Pedestal Case
GL112-20TG Retangular Pedestal Case
GL112-40 Retangular Pedestal Case

Square Pedestal Case

Square Pedestal Case Top in Glass

Rectangular Pedestal Case




GL612 Square Pedestal Showcase
GL607 Square Pedestal Showcase
GL132 Square Pedestal Case with Legs

Square Pedestal Showcase

Square Pedestal Showcase

Square Pedestal Case




GL138-20 Square Pedestal Showcase
GL138-40 Pedestal Showcase
GL141 Rectangular Vitrine Pedestal Display Case

Square Pedestal Showcase

Pedestal Showcase

Rectangular Vitrine Pedestal




GL114 Square Jewelry Pedestal
GL115 Hexagonal Jewelry Pedestal
GL702 Square Pedestal Case

Square Jewelry Pedestal

Hexagonal Jewelry Pedestal

Square Pedestal Case




NV301 Curved Pedestal Showcase
NV302 Curved Pedestal Showcase
NV303 Curved Pedestal Case

Glass Top Pedestal Showcase

Curved Pedestal Showcase

Curved Pedestal Case

Square Display Pedestals

Rectangular Display Pedestals


Square Display Pedestals
Rectangular Display Pedestals
PED6/ST Pedestal with Storage

Square Display Pedestals

Rectangular Display Pedestals

Pedestal with Storage


PED9/ST Pedestal with Storage

Pedestal with Storage


All display cases are available in our different standard finishes and in custom laminates and finishes.
All our optical display cases are available with optional LED top lighting and/or optional LED side track lighting.



Pedestals are used in many settings. They are freestanding and can therefore be placed along a wall or in the center of a room alone. Pedestals play a role that differs from any other glass display case configuration. Their display area is smaller proportinally which means that they attract the onlookers vision to a more restricted area of the display. As such they should be used to display items that have great value monetarily, artistically or even just visually. A retailer will want to place items that deserve unterrupted and exclusive attention. For example, a jeweler will want to place his most prized diamond in a pedestal display, and a museum will place a very rare artifact to basque in all its glory in a pedestal. Pedestals address a very specific need which no other glass display case is able to while remaining highly versatile at the same time.

Tecno Display is manufacturing a full range of pedestal display cabinets. They can be divided into three categories: our basic laminated pedestals used to display and highlight giftware, artwork, sculptures, collectibles, or possibly toys. These pedestals are available in various heights, depths, and widths, and can be used individually or grouped together in different areas of your retail space. pedestals are good for prominently showing "new arrival" items that you want your customers to spot right away or, as a group, pedestals can show the different best sellers of a new line of toys, artwork, or collectibles, for example. The second category are solid wood pedestals whose surface and look is most often more luxurious and detailed with moldings, etc....You will find them in art galleries, museums, higher end gift or collectible stores, and museum gift shops. The wood finish on these pedestals will bring a warm, exclusive and unique glow to the retail space or exhibit area. In this case, the wood pedestal serves to make the object it supports stand out. Our last category is glass showcase pedestals. The top portion is usually a square or rectangular tempered glass vitrine with a locking glass door. Doors in the glass area are hinged or sliding, depending on the width of the glass showcase. Below the glass area is the wood cabinet proper. Storage with adjustable shelves is available standard on some of the wood pedestals or may be ordered as a option as well as sliding decks and drawers. The glass top pedestals will keep your valuable items clean and safe. Our display pedestals are perfect to show your jewelry, giftware, optical goods, artwork when used next to your exhibit or retail space windows. Tecno Display will manufacture custom pedestals according to your size and specification requirements. Please contact us for all your displaying needs, should it be wood pedestals or store fixtures.
Solid pedestals and glass top pedestals are becoming more popular since they are very volatile displays. Depending on the size and configuration of your retail space pedestals displays may be used in many different ways and locations. In front of a glass window to draw traffic, in the center of the store to highlight merchandise without blocking the flow of customers, along one wall and even in an odd corner to take full advantage of a space that otherwise would be wasted. Pedestal glass displays are also lighter and less cumbersome, therefore they are easier to move. They can be grouped together in specific sections: for example one may put three of the same pedestals models of different heights together. By moving your display pedestals from time to time within your store you change and renew its feel and make your customers shopping experience more exciting. Should you decide to move to a new location or expand your existing space obviously pedestals will offer you the option to do so easily. More and more stores are using them. Corporate customers and museums all over find it's an advantageous and practical way to display artwork, jewelry, trophies and awards, collectibles, crystal goods and many other objects. Together with our standard glass cases and cabinets we will custom make pedestal cabinets and exhibit stands as per your specifications and drawings.

More and more retailers and institutional buyers are requiring lighting in their glass top pedestals. The best way to accomplish this without having the lights in the way is to install our LED pole light in the corners of the glass area. Depending on your needs you can have us install two to four of them. When the LED poles stands are installed in conjunction with a slide out deck a one inch ledge will be to built and left along three sides of the deck. We have recently introduced our multi window pedestal the GL 138 with much success. Here you can use three individually lit boxes to display distinctive items or unique collection in a museum retail type environment. This is also true of our new pedestal the GL 141 which is a unique design of a horizontal multi-window type display. They all have a clean and modern look and the cabinets have an open air feel. The LED lighting is standard in all of the them with the use of LED puck lights. These glass pedestal showcases can also be used in many areas of your retail or exhibit space such as your front window, in the center areas of the display room and even next to an existing glass jewelry showcase or right next to your cash wrap. The new GL 138 glass top pedestals are another example of the variety of looks offered by Tecno Display. Their solid sides support give them a very sturdy look while the two other open sides translates into a total look of openness, free flow and elegance. And as usual we will be glad to customize the units to your specific needs.

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