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Tecno Display, Manufacturers & Producers, Hayward, CA
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New LED top light, side lights, and jewelry lights
Museum Showcases
Made in the USA





GL135 Rectangular Museum Pedestal Showcase
GL133 20
GL134 24
GL136 Museum Showcase

Rectangular Museum Pedestal Showcase

20'' Square Museum Pedestal Showcase

24'' Square Museum Pedestal Showcase

Museum Showcase





GL130 Museum Island Showcase
GL131 Museum Island Showcase
GL142 Museum Pedestal Showcases
GL143 Rectangular Museum Pedestal

Museum Island Showcase

Museum Island Showcase

Museum Pedestal Showcase

Rectangular Museum Pedestal





GL600 Rectangular Wall Showcase
GL600-40 Rectangular Wall Display Case

GL603 Wall Display Case

GL604 Rectangular Tower Case

Rectangular Wall Showcase

40'' Rectangular Wall Showcase

Wall Display Case

Rectangular Tower Case





GL605 Square Tower Case
GL100MD Square Tower Showcase with Recessed Molding
GL601 Square Tower Case
GL610 Rectangular Tower Case

Square Tower Case

Square Tower Showcase with Recessed Molding

Square Tower Case

Rectangular Tower Case




Other Sizes Available

GL611 Rectangular Wall Showcase with Recessed Molding
GL607 Square Pedestal Showcase
C15 Bulletin Board

Rectangular Wall Showcase with Recessed Molding

Square Pedestal Showcase

Bulletin Board





GL612 Square Pedestal Showcase
GL602 Shadow Box
GL623 Rectangular Wall Display Case
GL133T Pedestal Showcase Top Only

Square Pedestal Showcase

Shadow Box

Wall Display Case

Pedestal Case Top Only





GL626 Rectangular Wall Case with Divider
GL105MD Rectangular Wall Showcase with Recessed Molding
GL606 Wall Display Case

Rectangular Wall Showcase with Recessed Molding

Wall Display Case


All display cases are available in our different standard finishes and in custom laminates and finishes.
   All our optical display cases are available with optional LED top lighting and/or optional LED side track lighting.

Museum Showcases


Tecno Display manufactures glass display cases specifically designed for museums. Tecno Display has achieved this through careful design features for museums. To start the styling is in museum fashion, either solid, sleek and modern or traditional and imposing. Modern design features such as locking mechanisms activated by a pneumatic systems offer the highest security and protection from the elements. The glass is tempered and the construction is designed to withstand the constant use that museums experience on a daily basis. The security of our cases meet the stringent demands of museums. We use very secure locks on doors that cannot be removed. Also the shelving in the cases is extremely reliable and artifacts and objects can be placed on them with complete confidence. Beyond our wide range of standard cases, Tecno Display has the capabilities to manufacture museum showcases with specific requirements, be it bullet proof glass or large dimensions. We have many reputable museum references that will atest to the quality and service of Tecno Display. If you do not see a standard case that meets your criteria, our design and customer service team will design one that will exceed your expectations.

Tecno Display is manufacturing a varied selection of museum glass display showcases. It includes wall display cases, free standing towers and wood pedestals.Our vitrine pedestals are of two kinds: with a solid wood cabinet below the glass area or with wooden standing legs supporting the glass exhibit portion. Our museum cases are generally made of solid wood with veneers and then stained. Some of our wood pedestals have slide out decks for elegant displaying and easy handling of the objects or artifacts to be featured. All our museum glass cases are pre-assembled, tempered glass and fully lockable. Our seamless glass to glass construction on the wood pedestals allows for a full, clear and direct vision of the items displayed. All the shelves in our wall display cases are tempered glass and fully adjustable. Accent moldings such as single moldings and flute moldings are applied to the front face of the cabinets in different patterns. Tecno Display only uses the finest hardware in the building of its cabinetry. From simple recessed moldings to elaborate and decorative moldings our modern and experienced cabinet shop can supply you with the look and quality you are expecting. As a growing display showcase and store fixtures manufacturer Tecno Display is constantly studying and designing new cases. We are also manufacturing a whole range of shadow boxes that can also be recessed into walls. They are available in standard and custom sized as per your specifications. Our glass and cabinets or legs wood pedestals can be equipped with different types of lighting should it be halogen, fluorescent or LED on little arms or stands. The Tecno Display bulletin boards are being manufactured in our standard listed sizes and can be supplied in a wide range of custom sizes. Please check with us and submit your sizes requirements in as well as specifications. We do have access to most laminate brands and finishes on the market and will be happy to quote you on such finishes upon request. When you need cabinets, museum display cases, museum pedestals etc... to display your artifacts, museum collections, high end collectibles or trophies do not hesitate to call our customer service for more information. We have expanded our collection of glass museum display showcases with the recent addition of our two models GL130 and GL131 island showcases. They will fit perfectly in any exhibit area. Their counter height and seamless tempered glass area do allow for full and unobtrusive vision of the artwork to be displayed. We are featuring a very tall glass display section on our museum counter islands allowing you to showcase from small to large artwork and memorabilia. Additionally we can customize sizes: the depth, width and height to fit your specific needs. The wood bases of our museum glass showcases are structurally strong and can support large specimens of artwork and collectibles. Also all our top glass areas are airtight and sealed to our base cabinets. Silica gel tablets are stored within a tray below the deck of the case to prevent the accumulation of any humidity and safeguard the environment where your artwork is being displayed. We are using a simple and efficient pneumatic system to keep the glass exhibit areas locked and safe. The pneumatic locking systems are fed by replacable cartridges. Therefore you will not need an electrical outlet and you will have the freedom to place your museum glass display case wherever you wish. As always, many custom options are available on our glass showcases such as pull out trays, drawers, extra storage, cabinet partitioning and more. Various thickness of clear tempered glass may be used depending on your needs. The style and design of our solid wood base cabinets may be modified to reflect the overall decor of your room for example.
More is to follow, more new and different museum glass display showcases are on the way.
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