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TD704 Trophy Display Case


Elegant floating shelf display case with locking doors and LED lights

TD5 Trophy Display Case


Classic floor display glass cabinet with four fully adjustable shelves

TD105 Trophy Display Case


Classic floor display glass cabinet with four Fully adjustable shelves

TD105TG Trophy Display Case


Luminous floor display case with glass top and optional storage

TD608 Trophy Display Case


Five foot wide display glass cabinet with adjustable shelves

TD615 Trophy Display Case


Expansive modern glass display cabinet with five shelves

TD609 Trophy Display Case


Large trophy glass display cabinet with ten fully adjustable shelves  

TD618 Trophy Display Case


Tall glass floor display cabinet with solid sides 

TD106 Trophy Display Case


Sleek glass display cabinet with lights and bottom storage  

TD124-28 Trophy Display Case


Unique trophy display case with curved cabinet  

TD124 Trophy Display Case


Distinctive floor display case with curved cabinet  

TD123 Trophy Display Case


Stylish floor curved glass showcase with adjustable shelves

TD600 Trophy Display Case


Classic wooden floor display case with 3/8" thick glass shelves

TD600-40 Trophy Display Case


Classic floor showcase with handmade molding and stained veneer

TD603 Trophy Display Case


Majestic trophy display case made with stained wood veneer

TD626 Trophy Display Case


Magnificent wooden floor showcase with divider

TD606 Trophy Display Case


Classic floor display case with refined crown molding

TD120 Trophy Display Case


Imposing floor display with storage cabinets that are locking

TD616 Trophy Display Case


Upscale trophy showcase with divider and locking storage

TD613 Trophy Display Case


Enduring collectible floor display case with ten shelves

TD1 Trophy Display Case


Knockdown floor showcase that disassembles with open sides

TD119 Trophy Display Case


Modern floor showcase with solid sides and back

TD102 Trophy Display Case


Small floor display showcase that provides a lot of style

TD105C Trophy Display Case


Exquisite curved cabinet trophy display case

TD902 Trophy Display Case


Attractive corner glass display case with hinged door and clipped back

Trophy wall display cases are a specific category. They are wider and taller than the standard wall showcases. Awards, trophies, and recognition symbols may be individually displayed in a clean, fully enclosed glass enclosure. Trophy wall showcases have a center divider built in in the middle of the showcase. The center divider has a dual purpose. Since trophy wall cases are very wide the divider provides the needed additional structural vertical support. The center dividers are solid wood with the same exterior finish as the trophy case top and bottom cabinets. They create two vertical sections within the wall showcase. The center divider have a set of tempered glass shelves on each side. The shelves are fully adjustable and trophies of all sizes may be displayed.The multiple glass shelves create individual compartments where each trophy or group of awards can be displayed separately. We are manufacturing different versions of wall trophy showcases. While some of our designs include a tall base cabinet and a solid top canopy, some others are almost exclusively glass with thin top and bottom cabinets. Others may simply have a top in glass and benefit from the side track lighting and the natural light. Some of our designs are streamlined and contemporary to respond to the needs of schools, universities, sports clubs, etc. Others are traditional with solid wood and veneers to match an existing environment. When placed in high traffic areas, they are built sturdy with thick laminated surfaces on the cabinetry to prevent scratches and chips. Secure locking mechanisms are installed on the trophy cases glass doors to keep them safe at all times. Trophy glass display cases are economical since their display area is large with multiple lateral displaying levels. Corporations, the hospitality industry, hospitals are other trophy showcases regular customers. Very large wall showcases can be a challenge to ship, however Tecno Display has come up with new sophisticated crating techniques to ensure that all our shipments are delivered in impeccable shape. Our packaging is efficient, practical, reliable and may be dismantled by the recipient easily upon receipt. This is an added value to professional customer service.

Tecno Display designs wall cases with a variety of industries in mind. We make display cases for marijuana and cannabis dispensaries. If you have a marijuana dispensary please contact us and we can select standard or custom display cases for your dispensary. For the retail industry we make wall cases with modern styling that will reflect a progressive look that will help retailers compete. We also manufacture more traditional styling which will be attractive to retail stores that want a more classical look and institutions that want to project their tradition and stability. Our wall display cases are manufactured with high quality standards while maintaining competitive pricing. With our large selection of standard cases and finishes you are very likely to find the cases that meet your needs on our website. If you have any customization required we will be more than happy to work with you.

Our selection of wall showcases includes different shapes and sizes of fully pre-assembled glass display cases. They are available in different types of laminates, solid wood veneers, and, at your request, various patterns of decorative moldings can be mounted on the face cabinets of our wall showcases. Crowns can also be added on the top canopy of the display cases. They are ideal as a gift ware case, collectible case, jewelry display, memorabilia showcase or as a doll display etc. Most of Tecno's wall showcases can be customized, such as modifying the overall height, depth, width or changing the sizes of the cabinets or glass area, as well as adding more shelves to the wall unit. They are featured as museum glass showcases in institutions all over the U.S. All our wall showcases have adjustable shelves, are lockable and on casters, thus easy and practical to use as retail display cases. From a single store fixture to a whole store configuration, our display cases will keep your merchandise clean, safe, organized and attractive. Our well designed wall showcases will help you maximize the usage of your floor selling space.

More and more museums, exhibit rooms, foundations of all sorts are in need of quality wall display cases nowadays. It is also true of private homes where the glass cases have to match the existing furniture. At Tecno Display over the last two years, we have worked diligently to come up with a wide variety of solid wood wall display showcases with veneers and stains. They are available in different designs and sizes and in many looks. Some have a limited amount of wood cabinetry and large glass areas. Some others have much larger cabinets at the bottom base and on the canopy with a variety of moldings attached to them. They will vary in size from three feet to eight feet and therefore can accommodate all types of space. Needless to say that they are all tempered glass and have fully adjustable shelves. We are using only the finest woods and wood products available on the market. Supplying solid wood showcases to museums and fine homes is an ambitious task. Therefore with so many years of experience and craftsmanship, we are able to supply finishes fixtures of unequaled quality. This can be seen in the precision of our wood finishing and sanding on our cabinets. Preparing the wood well before staining it is essential. After doing so we are able to apply the stain deeply while still showing fully the grain of the wood. The result is a beautiful and vibrant wood glass display showcase that is not only a display but also a beautiful piece of furniture. The new availability and addition of our LED lighting will enhance all the work, expertise and craftsmanship that we are devoting in every piece we make.