Wall Hung Shadow Boxes for Schools

Schools and institutions have announcements, notices, regulations, time tables to display regularly and they should be visible to all for as long as they are valid. Protecting them from the weather, from the dust, humidity and from being snatched is of primary concern to the institutions maintenance personnel. Having them enclosed in wall hung shadow boxes is the best way to preserve them. Shadow boxes are either made of wood or metal with a lockable glass door in the front. Generally such a wall shadow box will have a backing such as cork for example where pins can be inserted. These pins will keep the documents or notices in place. Wall shadow boxes can be manufactured in many sizes and with or without lighting. They do not take much time to install and are easy to clean. Equipped with a quality and reliable locking mechanism the doors can be opened and closed whenever you choose to update or change the documents. Wall shadow boxes are economical and a onetime expense that will save trouble, time and surprises.